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Dan injured. Call Qadesh income. Have you reached a point where you can't even? For one Kardashian 'co-. Or maybe there's another comp to. So we could have Kurdish incumbent comp. All right. I said I by the way, I know it's a AM. I said come K U N P, an Instagram star has been left in tears on a YouTube video after her account was deleted. Jesse Taylor shared the how many Jesse Taylor's you think there are on grant. But this one is with a y she is very distraught. Because she's just one of the regular folk a twenty one year old with over one hundred thousand followers, she believes her account was deleted because people reporting her, although she does not know why hey, guys civic and the middle editing. And my deleted. I tried to get it back plea everybody, I chant. I don't know why it's so Righi Overby middle because of this. Because I want to be on Instagram in a reasonably just recorded this video. I I'm nothing without my following. Folly? Is happening to the world you should call Kardashian. It'll be on your side on all things social your side that might be a business their lawyers just to defend people who have, you know, bit prominence prominent roles and social media will sue. I'm pretty sure I got an Instagram in Chicago. You don't have to go to LA to be on Instagram. You do if you want to use Kardashian. We will get to the bottom of your problem. All right. All right. Let's you know, what I'm gonna do. What are you can save us? We're going to pick up on this tomorrow. Oh, we're going to featured feature player on this program. There's a lot. Jesse? There's a lot more from her. All right. She's my new favorite social media star. Wednesday. It is not just sitting Wednesday. Ashwin my crosses crooked Jesus. Crippen Coon came in earlier. Dave the centers amongst us ashes on their forehead, yours are very well. Pronounced Kyrie is very dark a good sign of the cross urban village church dot or go to the blog page list. All your Ashley needs from noon to one he's doing like a lunchtime express. And then again, I think.

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