Eric Garner, Mccoy, Manhattan discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


And we're after eric garner and there's a whole complicated explanation for that too which is really weird and and just gets to the whole the whole problem of of uh of statisticsbased policing and why why they got to change the system um because those guys for basically there to pick up eric garner no matter what and unfortunately uh you know he wasn't actually committing a crime that day and that's that's the really the root of this entire problem so why do they need to pick up their garner that day and what was it specifically eric garner they need to get somebody out there it was it just like this guy was you know indicative or they perceived him as a lynchpin that you know as they wanted to try and i guess contract you know the the spread of tompkins diller some way for the the official explanation with the police gave with that lieutenant drew by the park earlier that morning saw something mccoy that bothered him uh and then told these two knuckleheads uh uh panel way on demeke oh who were sort of like you yup detective to go back to the park and and do with this th the quote was to address specific conditions no one i heard was that uh that had seen garner standing on a street corner and then you know everybody knew who garner was living the cops were very familiar with him had had a running running with just a week before um the uh one of the things they do it again if you watched the wire you you're familiar with this process um they have they do these daily comps that meetings where uh police commanders are brought to lower manhattan and they're shown pictures of their own neighbourhoods uh and the higher up in the police department will will tell them looking at met how bad your neighborhood looks i want you to clean this up and the word was that somebody was somebody in manhattan was upset at the way the tompkins bill neighborhood looked and so everything roll downhill lieutenant uh got the work from higher up and.

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