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Dot org flash research aides members supported media nine point three kpcc i'm nick roman you've seen the black pow mia flags flying its stay adm said state capitals high above front porches and part of a longrunning effort by veterans groups and others to keep the government from forgetting those left behind primarily those left behind in vietnam but as time passes and the chance of finding living amazed wendell's how will the movement go on jay price reports for the american home front project the vince like this one legacy of a movement it started half a century ago about two hundred people many arriving on motorcycles are gathered at a military memorial norton are camp lejune somewhere jack has the same rolling thunder and have sown on patches and the i'd chronic black and white pow and mia flying liverpol united in involved with the ability the reminding the government and the media we will know david lynch's in afghanistan and iraq veteran and the chapter president i know if i died in a foreign land i would like to note of my country would try to bring me back home so my family would have closure the problem was as we had a lot of personnel over of one were to korea and vietnam who died in foreign lands and the government made no attempt to bring them back that was the situation half a century ago at the peak of the vietnam war history professor michael allen of northwestern university wrote a book on the movement called until the last man colmes home pows emi as and the on ending vietnam war traditional practice prior to the vietnam war was that casualty resolution teams did everything it could to recover the remains of.

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