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That's a big part of it. One of the things that I was hearing and I believe maybe it was our Our producer Justin wear, who was telling me that the average fastball at the Cubs like Actually, some college teams have a higher average fastball is just really impressive to hear that, but you know what? It doesn't matter. It was going around the Vanderbilt. I guess they were competent, ready to go, Davies first pitch of the game and it is outside and we are underway. Tommy Edmund in on that left side switch hitter and ball wanted the leadoff man shadows cutting across the field. The wine of the pitch swinging a liner caught out of the year by elite. Being so guard on the right side, just on the edge of the outfield grass. They had to shift on an Edmund lines out to the second basement. So Tommy Edmund retired one away, and it will bring up another switch hitter. It's Dylan Carlson give you the overall numbers on Zach Davies. He's 334 45 earned run average, and he makes his 14th star mentioned first five starts of the year a 9 47. Many are able to 16 over the last eight. Here's pitch, and that one is in for a strike as it sports away from Wilson Contreras and Look, How do you believe he's turned that around? What is the number? One thing that you've seen from him that it's been such a contrast from the start of the season? I think part of it as he's thrown to change up a bit more. He's kind of ditched the cut fastball and a few more strikes. The 01 is downstairs, so we'll see. But he's not a huge strike thrower. I mean, He throws the first pitch strike 53 a half percent of the time out of 147 qualified guys. It's 140th next offering is down and in and so now two and one on the center fielder Carlson this interesting to this precisely when on our own was telling this free game that he was saying, this is the guy that will fool them right? Like you get a wait for the strike. Two and to set the defense for you for the Cubs and left. It is Peterson half shaded a touch towards right center. He's the center fielder and Bryant out there backed up in right only wisdom on the left side of the infield and Alcantara, Sogard and Rizzo on the right side 22 on the way and that's outside. So now Carl Sanders, Sitting to 16 6 homers 27 knocked him He was the 33rd overall pick in the 2016 draft in the pitch, swinging a bouncer foul of first three.

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