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Batting. Though Jason that is so cool. Isn't that so cool? She said all her coworkers know about her appearance on the office and that fans will mention to her because she's Indian. They'll mention the Walli episode, and then she always like blows their mind when she says. Oh, no I was in it so I thought. Thought. That was so sweet I was in. It I say aligned. That offends Ryan the temp. Yes, exactly except he doesn't quite know, he's being the butt of a joke right? But she said being on office was one of her most memorable moments of her childhood I also love that you know I'm sure rain improvised going up to her with that lightsaber. There's a bunch of deleted scenes where he's fighting with kids with light sabers. and. It didn't make it in, but he he rain looked very much in his element like that's how he bonds with children. Yes, Angela should we check in on those folks that Stanford see how they're doing. You mean the folks drinking yeager Meister. Yeah, how are they an Angela? Did you see what they ordered for dinner? Oh Jenna you and I know firsthand. You do not drink a lotta alcohol and only eat Sushi now Angela. Why do we know that firsthand that? Because at the Golden Globes was at the golden goal shooter. Oh Lady! I was thinking of my Bachelorette Party. There was the Golden Globes, but the Bachelorette wait. Have we repeated this mistake multiple? Except the second time I did better the first time. It did not work out well for me the second time if memory serves sorry to say this on here but it. It hit your sister pretty hard. Yeah! Guy Angela planned a Bachelorette party for me when I was getting married to Lee and she took us all out for Sushi dinner. It was a fancy schmancy. Sushi plays in Beverly Hills that I'd never eaten out I'd only dreamed of and I was like Kim we go there for the Bachelorette. They were thrilled to have us. It was so cute. All of the ladies from office where they're. All of my other friends were there and afterwards you took us to. Hold of Lady Burghley, good this right first of all the Sushi place was your idea, and after the sushi place. You guys I've got cupcakes with her face on it. It was so cute we had lots of free drinks and over the restaurant was very kind and lots a great Sushi and then after the dinner. I was like well. Thank you guys. Generals like what's next and I was like what? Wait why you not is this? I do not. Know Lady All. I had planned was the dinner I didn't plan anything after. Is this the first time you ever hearing of this?.

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