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He started a new job last year. So we got a couple a few thousand dollars back on the. For two thousand seventeen ROY. Oh, we're trying to make it. So we're not paying out in Texas ride pay out in taxes, but we also don't want three thousand dollars coming in tax refund because two hundred and fifty dollars a month too much being taken out of your check. Okay. That's all it is refund is I just took too much out. And then you get it back with no interest. What you need to do is. When you do your twenty eighteen taxes early in nineteen with your tax professional, you sit down and go what should really be withheld and have that proper amount with held? You don't want to end up having to pay more in. But you also don't need a big refund. So if you've got one hundred dollars one way or the other you hit it perfect. Okay. That's where you wanna land with that. Also, are you paying a bunch of gimmick stuff at work either? One of you before you get home with the money. Answer insurance or short-term disability or any of that I pay into short-term disability. Yeah. Okay. I think child life. Okay. All right. Yeah. You need to look at a lot of that. You're probably getting nickel and dime to death on that stuff. Because what I'm trying to do is set your take home pay up to be, you know, really, minus only the proper amount of taxes and everything else comes home. Yeah. And I suspect like sixty five I think little over sixty five. I mean, I don't know that seems crazy. It's me about that seems a little low. It sounds like you've got it sounds like you've got you know, too much coming out for taxes. You've got some gimmick stuff. And you're still taking money out for the 4._0._1._K. We addressed all of that could be as much as five hundred thousand dollars a month. Okay. And that all of a sudden then starts to get this rolling. So what is the balance on the car the payoff that balances twenty four thousand we were upside down on a car that we traded in. We twenty four thousand and I just Kelley blue book that and selling it crime at lease a max, the seventeen thousand okay and much other debt. You have not counting your home. My husband has about seventeen thousand student loan. We have about little under two thousand in credit cards. Well, paying some local taxes that we L A couple of thousand dollars to I think it's a little under two thousand. They're also enough it, okay? And what unusual expenses are you seeing in your budget? When you lay it out something that you think other people might not see. My son just started Kia. No. So I didn't know if that was something we should cut out which would be really hard to do. But that's like one hundred twenty dollars a month. I was just sitting there staring at it today. Trying to figure out we're paying some of our dull children like car insurance, and why L phone? Mel still. Yeah. I I guess that's something else. We needs to change. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Number one their adult children, which I've always thought was an oxymoron. But they're adults. They ought to be paying their own bills. And it's time how old are they? One college twenty and the other one just moved out on his own eighteen but he's not in school. So I kind of feel like he should be paying both things. We did start. Having heard the college students pay her car insurance. Mhm? We still pay for her cell phone. So I think the thing to do is just what we're doing here. We're just taking a comb and comb through the tangles feel it. Yeah. Absolutely. And so by the time, you do all of that you're gonna find five hundred thousand pretty quick, and you're probably gonna end up finding more. So basically, you got fifty thousand dollars in debt if you can find a couple thousand dollars a month, including the payments. You're.

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