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Is facebook private page. Along with all seeing is thanks to also be stake in the mod. Squad over on dischord now. You can link discord through the time up next week on time. Suck. we are going back to the world of cult cult called because apparently haven't had i haven't had enough insanity my head We're gonna go to the aggressive christian. Mission training corps colt. This relatively low profile cult was start up in one thousand nine hundred and sacramento under the name free love ministries when a former cope member alleged that she'd been forced by the group to beat her. Infant children do heavy labor and live in a shed. The group packed up and headed north. West eventually settling in southern new mexico and So they didn't say north west. They went back down Ha having rebranded as the aggressive christian mission training corps and they were aggressive. Run by co-leader deborah greene who called herself the general. The a c mtc distributed leaflets produce. Radio shows wandered around town in the military gibbs professional about how god's army needed to fight the demons. They took their name and tactics from a book called aggressive christianity by catherine booth booth the co founder of the salvation. Army interesting they see. Mtc would go relatively undetected until two thousand seventeen when investigators arrested deborah green and her fellow high ranking members on a litany of charges including hundreds of child abuse and molestation charges. Luckily some members including deborah zone daughter would manage to escape. the colt will cover that as well For everything you ever wanted to know about the aggressive christian mission training corps colt and the insanity of deborah green tune in next week on time suck and all its head on over to this week's time sucker updates obtain times let's Let's comedic things up with comes to message..

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