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Wanted to go and have a drink. I was like okay. I'll go ordered the drink and within fifteen minutes maybe two sips the drink. I look down my phone's during and I see that it's my brother and I know I knew that was my call after returning to the table. The man Pam was with such her that she looked like someone had died and well. That's what happened. Hollis had died and she had just learned about it from her brother. It's crazy when we say things are actually true out loud. I'm sure he meant it as a joke but he was a little on the nose. Don't you think doc I was so afraid that if I went back to seem the way he was. That's not what I wanted to remember summer. I wanted to remember him how he was and how we were at Christmas time. If I had gone to the hospital and and he wasn't I that's that's not however and I honestly I think that I sometimes I do a lot of things on. How Got Phelan's like you? What does it need whether they call it intuition? I do a lot of things on intuition. I never felt I never got that Alan to ga now. I really didn't and in my mind and I believe this my dad didn't want me there. He knew we were okay and first of all if I walked in the room even if he was asleep he can still here. I would not be okay and then that would just send him dynamics for everybody else. You know I think in my head when I didn't go look I just knew who conversation he had. He didn't want everyone jumped in the car and heading getting her. I had a really strong sense that he didn't want to be there and they say they say if somebody's wait somebody home. They hold gone beating. Hold on like okay. If gone into the next day and I'm still waiting for a call. Maybe I would've said okay. Pam Get on white and get up there. Because you're just you know making this formula her.

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