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You can talk about james connor go with cardinals then and then. There were players that were gained free agents that were gained by the steelers. You think about. I think were the biggest surprises. In my opinion was juju smith. Schuster coming back. He was a free agent. No one thought that there was any chance that jujubes misused her would be back in the black and gold in twenty twenty one. And maybe you're someone out there that said i'm glad he didn't. I'm not one of those people. I was excited to see juju back. He's a tough receiver. He does the tough things. Well he is. A hines ward type of player. We'll put it that way. And then you had some minor. Signings like ray mcleod comes back. Joshua dobbs resigns in a more acquisitions in that joe hague is is is one of them but then you had these retirements some of them like when vance mcdonald retired it. Wasn't that surprised it was. I mean we kind of had a feeling he wasn't going to be back anyways. His salary cap hit was going to be huge for twenty twenty one so it just seemed like they as mcdonald's probably not going to be a part of the overall program anyways within marquees pounds. He retires and everything. And okay that boy. This is. This is a surprise. No one expected pouncey to hang it up now. We all thought he'd do one more year with rothlisberger than they would both ride off into the sunset together. Hopefully hoisting the lombardi trophy. But i think what's really strange. The most retirement and this has been surprising. Was the vince williams. On the day the players were supposed to report to training camp. That is that was wednesday of this week. He decided he's not gonna play for whatever reason. We don't know what that reason is at the moment that this is recorded. We don't know why. Vince williams said i'm not playing. I'm just done and to be honest on thursday. The very first practice. For the pittsburgh steelers marco bali of the athletic tweet. It out that from the people that he spoke to within the steelers organization. Now i do not know if that's coaches. I don't know if that's front office staff. I don't know if that's ownership of. I don't know if that's even players. But whoever mark. Bali talked to he tweeted that it seemed like the the organization did not know until wednesday. That vince williams was going to retire. They were as blindsided as the fan. Base was think about that. You cut a guy and we're gonna talk about that. In a second vince williams gets cut. Then all of a sudden you say hey look into. You're not getting signed by anyone. We have back veteran minimum. He says shore. You think you're gonna get one more year With devon bush vince williams. That's a pretty good inside linebacker duo then it feels like the rug pulled out from underneath you i. I don't know what happened. Maybe we will never know what happened but still. That's a surprise. It's what we're talking about here. The surprises then. You do have those releases. I talked about williams game released. I honestly never thought that he was going to be potential salary cap casualty. I just didn't think he was going to be one of those players he was. They got him back then. He retires steven nelson. I mean if you ask me it was always going to be between nelson and hayden. One of those two was going to get cut. Who was going to be. I don't know it turned out. It was nelson and hayden were. He's still playing out his final year of his contract. I'm someone that thinks that the steelers could benefit from keeping him on the roster. I think he has a lot of juice. Left in the tank. They could save money for the salary cap this year. But still steven nelson was released and that was kinda surprising and then david decastro gets released. That was right after mini camp. And then they bring in trade turner free agent acquisitions you want to call it bad and then you know you just think about. These are all surprises to cash or being was surprise nelson maybe not as much williams in his in. His retirement. Were both surprises. Then i mean what a good surprise. Melvin ingram melvin. Ingram which by the way which by the way a couple people on twitter And i don't want to say their names. Because i don't want necessarily attach this to it when it comes came to a reason for maybe vince williams retirement. They kind of hinted that maybe it was because of the acquisition. Of melvin ingram melvin. Ingram is very similar. To vince williams. He plays on the outside but he can play on the inside. He can rush the passer from the interior. That's kind of what vince williams does. I'm not sure if one. Melvin ingram was acquired. Vince williams said. I have no spot on this team anymore. I'm done. I'm not gonna play anymore. I don't know don't take that. that's the rumor. That's just a rumor. I'm not gonna call it a report. That is a rumor but still. There's people that are talking about it. The melvin ingram being signed. That's huge. That's a huge surprise. That's a positive surprise. Two thumbs up on that one. If he can stay healthy that turns at outside linebacker depth into maybe one of the biggest glaring weaknesses on the roster to not not a strength the not the strongest position. I would say that you know you'll get defensive line or wide receiver. Those are the strengths of your of your roster. I'm not saying that but it makes the outside linebacker depth quality a makes it outside linebacker death experience. Those are important things so the question is what surprises. Lie ahead for the two thousand twenty one steelers. What's coming up. Are there any surprises. Weakened navy predict. Are there any surprises that we can. Maybe think okay. We can guarantee that this is going to happen at some point for instance. I'll give you the first one. Injuries injuries can happen. They will happen no matter what. There's not a team in the nfl last season. That wasn't impacted by injuries. In some way shape or form have there been were their teams. I should say we're there teams that were impacted more. Yes absolutely i mean you look at pittsburgh..

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