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Terrorist group has Balaa. Said Israel did not have a right to exist and has called for Israeli Zionist terrorist Jews to go back to Poland. And of course, you had millions of Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis Impala n- during World War Two during the holocaust. Yeah. The story. From the examiner says, the Toledo has been celebrated by Democrats and the media is one of the first Muslim women to be elected to congress. And touted as a testament to the diversity of the freshman class, blah, blah, blah. Over the weekend. Abbass Hami that tweeted out a photo of herself with a smiling to leave writing. I was honored to be a congresswoman Rashida to leave swearing in ceremony in Detroit and a private dinner afterward with the entire family, friends and activists across the country. You had Twitter users. They were able to dig up past tweets from this woman who was invited to the the celebration the swearing in ceremony. And then a private dinner, they dug up some tweets of this woman. Hamadeh? I'm sorry. I love this, man. So over the weekend Abbass Hamida tweeted out the photos of himself smiling with. To leap. In a twenty fifteen tweet. He wrote the leader of the terrorist group. Hezbollah always love this heroic resistance leader long lives, Siad, Hassan Nasrallah. Also tweeted out on a different day. They tried so hard to demonize Nasreeullah and Hezbollah, and we said f you? Wants tweeted Israel does not have a right to exist. The terrorist entity is illegal and has no basis. To exist. Other than a delusional ISIS like ideology. Again. That's this guy. Abbass hamadeh. Who was at the swearing in ceremony. Four Representative to leap. Again, listen, I don't believe that she's going to become a suicide bomber and martyr herself. But I question allegiance, I questioned her choice of does. She support has Bulla does. She support HAMAs. And they're terrorists ways. Does she agree that Israel doesn't have a right to exist? I think those are all fair questions on the Florida city. Commissioner is under fire for calling her a suicide bombers essentially Annabel Lima Taub up Annabel, listen, I understand your concern. I just think you would have gotten more mileage and avoided a lot of controversy. He did call her a suicide bomber essentially and just use facts about who the hell she's hanging with. And questioning her legion sin. How does she feel about HAMAs and Hezbollah and does she think Israel should be annihilated or has no right to exist? And the you want. Jews ship back to concentration camps in Poland during World War Two. That that's I think that's where I would have gone to some advice to Florida city Commissioner in Hallandale beach, Annabel Lee matab. So I listen, I don't think she ought to resign. Maybe she should apologize for at least suggesting that. She wouldn't put a pastor to become a martyr and blowers up on Capitol Hill. Maybe she should say, I should have said that. But listen, I have deep concerns, and here's why look at this picture of her and her swearing in ceremony. This known terrorists organiz organizations supporter, but doesn't think Israel should exist. That that's that's where I I would have gone eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine a deep concern, a US house of representatives member this Muslim woman from Michigan. I'm sorry. She should not have ties to radical pro. Hezbollah Israel hating activists. That's the bottom line. All right to catch a predator. No, he wasn't busted for going to meet a fourteen year old girl, bringing a six pack of beer and condoms. No, no. No. No. No. No, no. But this is out of Connecticut, and the Connecticut, the Connecticut post reported this this morning, and the headline is to catch a predator host charge with bouncing checks to a Stamford, Connecticut merchant I dug up some old Chris Hansen video from the old series. You know to catch a predator? And listen, I don't think you want to get any trouble with the law. I mean granted he he absolutely did not pick up a a young girl. But here's some of the old audio and this this show. I mean, this really broke some ground boy that he's horny than the forty six year olds. Says I want to be top..

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