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As well are you here. I mean it is your show all the time. I live here all right your time that a friend lives here and i appreciate everything you did for us today. Indeed maybe we could become best friends. I would love that. Yes each one gold. And all is to gold okay. So in this case it's probably going to be a vial will be won gold silver and a bottle you to gopher bottle bottle is going to be probably run to gold two silver will take it out of sher shah the other fifty five between all of us each eleven peace now. That's deterrence mathurin. Fifty five divided by five six zero. I'm including myself fifteen mac. I'm happy you don't want any of the rest of the profit from the be good for now. I i just very honorable of you. That must have done something death. I wasn't quite dead just a near death experience. I was just was ray rayner. I have interest in my new fans that they would did you know. Scorpions could wield daggers. No it's quite. i must tell you. Sheriff who has it all written down his waist. Swimming sandwich was those two bottles and the to total. Yeah so each will gold into two silver. Each will be one gold. Two silver okay. Well there's three miles to know. How would we get it up to one gold two silver for the vials right and so we do three miles and two bottles. That's going to be six gold even well. Thank you so so you buy what you need. She brings the bottles and the vials. So we got some bottles and vials and five for sherry and you know what i forgot to add the ten percent discount so wharton lady jaye five gold for the bottles six goldfish sharon. Excellent.

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