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Impressing they vary. 6 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS to Mary D. Pompa in the traffic center. All right. Thanks, John. We're riding around the capital Beltway with you right now, and you can start in Maryland, Montgomery County Prince George's County. Once you're going across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge on the inner loop heading west toward Virginia, Just watch out about mince band disabled vehicle along the right side. I guess we're waiting for a tow truck. Nothing else ahead while passing. I take it back Eisenhower Avenue. Exit 1 74. They were looking for the disabled tractor trailer. You'll see him on the right side known lanes just screwed over for safety, and we're all moving pretty well all around the Beltway, even in Fairfax County if we continue in Virginia 95 from Frederick To the Springfield interchange and 3 95 through the 14th Street bridge running well in 66 from front royal into Roslyn about the same we do have an event in, um Vienna. It's going to be off of Beaulieu Road early on a Sunday morning watch on one between 1 23 and John Marshall Drive near the Church of the Holy Comforter. They have their big stone fruit season and they will stop to deliver produce two vehicles still So be prepared for any traffic control on a light Sunday morning with volume light. It could take you by surprise. So we're checking into the district where the crash onto 95 Malcolm X. That's long gone. We still have units marked on scene Southeast along, Howard wrote him first Sterling. We have a new crash on Mount Martin Luther King Jr southeast just south of Malcolm X Avenue watch for possible direction. And in northwest on New Hampshire Avenue at Gallatin Street. We're checking into Maryland on 95 running north. They were looking for a disabled vehicle near the I. C C can't terror drive? We believe it should be off to the shoulder nonetheless, watch for those flashing lights. If you can see anything that we're not speaking about her if you want to help us out with anything, we are called the traffic center 86630 for W T. O P. Mary to PUMP the W T o P traffic and here's Storm Team four meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts after Tuesday afternoon smooth sailing across the area up until this weekend, when we could have some rain chances, but we do U S Marine chances today after about five PM until then, plenty of sunshine as temperatures.

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