President Trump, Federal Prosecutor, New York discussed on The Renegade Republican with Dan Bongino - Ep 485 If the Dems Win Today the Impeachment Talk Will Explode


Opening up the president to an indictment is joe you could get a rogue federal prosecutor in the eastern district of new york in a liberal district who seriously like say jaywalking was a federal crime could indict trump for jaywalking and put trump in jail and effectively stop him from conducting international diplomacy just because he has a grudge against trump so the founding fathers foreseeing that problem said well we need to have a check on the presidency joe but that check cannot be through the standard criminal justice system while leans in office a brock obama can be prosecuted right now bill clinton like any other citizen but while he's in office the president has the feel free to be the president without fear of of revenge like prosecution you get what i'm saying joe in other words they don't want a local prosecutor to prosecute the president for ripping a mattress tag off make sense yonhap's water in my mouth sorry yes can say like the juice drop off fire that like the we'd we'd lost you in connection but that they did not want that they didn't want that so they but they did want to check so they're check ladies and gentlemen and this is again meek i'm tired it up for you the reason when i brought up impeachment before and i compare to two this is like an indictment is for this very reason any of your dopey liberal friends who tell you all the president moeller rubber muller the special council they're going to indict him they can indict him they cannot indict the president.

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