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Don, don't let your talion commodity because you know, why I love you so much. I feel like I'm home with the family. But and we're getting ready for the feast of the seven fishes, but this whole baby it's cold outside ridiculous. I absolutely love that song half since I was a kid, but your favorite top five Christmas songs. What are they white Christmas Bing Crosby by far? It will always be white Christmas. Oh my God. It's so hard to pick anything else. Because like I like I love so many of them. Definitely white Christmas is number one will always be number one. I'd have to put baby it's cold outside the top five. Always like that song pretty good. Now is that considered a Christmas song? I think it's considered a Christmas song silent night. I've always loved silent Knight by anyone pretty much by anyone. Bon jovi's version of I'll be home for Christmas or the eagles song. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I you know, I am. I actually were spinning was a DJ at a album oriented rock station where they played the big album cuts. Okay. And I just started in my career just got out of school broadcasting school. And I remember when that song Seventy-nine something like that it came up, and I remember putting the needle down on this song. And it was a Christmas song from the eagles who absolutely love Glenn fried. The Joe Walsh, Don Henley, and Glenn fry shadow say no longer with. When I went I'm gonna play this. And it was like what an incredible Christmas song. But never did. I think until about two years after that. Then I started to realize this tank going to be around for generations. Do you realize Dobie children that weren't even around and great great grandchildren of when that song came out going to be listening to that song share and the eagles were in Pittsburgh, not long ago? Yes. One of my co workers went and I'm like who is singing, and she goes, oh my God. You know, Google, Glenn fry, son. They say is like many me that looks like him and has the same guitar talent. He had and voice and he has stepped in for his dad. I've often said Glen fry really was underrated. It crushed me. When he saw the Mets, I still call. It star lake. I saw him at star lake or what is it? Now. It's the amphitheater. No. I came colon roadhouse. What it's called now. No. Yeah. But I still call it star lake and oh my goodness. Bank pavilion. Yeah, they were amazing in concert amazing contract. They sound exactly on a record is they do live, which a lot of groups. Don't boys of summer with Don Henley. What an amazing voice to you know, just I I love him. But anyway, let me just throw a couple out at you. I still love Madonna's Santa baby. I think. Oh, yeah. I didn't think of that kind of Miley. Cyrus did a little takeoff on it. Jimmy Fallon kind of a role reversal of someone who didn't want diamonds and just wanted to Santa for San as opposed to cash it in and all the goods great song. That's been done many times, but Elvis Presley if every day were like Christmas written by former bodyguard, red west absolutely loved that merry Christmas, baby. Santa Claus coming to town. Bruce, Springsteen Sinatra have a Holly jolly, Christmas mistletoe and Holly. I mean, there's so many. But I do believe that you, and I grew up in the era when the old standards were done by the standards of the time Crosby, Peggy Lee, Rosemary, Clooney, Andy Williams. I mean, just incredible talent Mike coworker was listening to music on her phone yesterday. And I can't remember the song. But it was by, gene. Autry Rudolph Christmas song. And I said I always loved that song. And she said, you know, that's, gene. Autry, I'm like, I didn't know that was, gene. Autry, one of the biggest Johnny Mercer dri. One of the biggest selling term. I said, no, I didn't realize that. Anyway. To get back to my point. We're talking about Elvis Graceland. They're doing all sorts of renovations. And I see so many people that travel there via Facebook, what have you YouTube doing all sorts of things? How is it? It's been since one thousand nine hundred seventy seven at this, man. And I know why because he was just such a huge talent. Now of the latest some of his Christmas song blue Christmas being you know. Riche apple he's got music re Chappel the Royal Philharmonic. Just I mean, an endless talent. But why do you think Graceland Elvis still captivates people enough that they're gonna call triple h you don't want Elvis's birthdays coming up January the eighth I wanna go. What is it about Graceland? I don't know. I mean, people, you know, still the excitement is he's the modern day, you know, king of every music genre. I mean, people are like, oh I woke up to this person look up that person. He may be you know, in heaven for many many years, but people still want to go places he was at you know, they want to go to his home. I mean, my all time favorite of anything of Elvis is Viva Las Vegas. Yeah. Him and Ann Margaret I could watch that movie every day. There's just something about that movie. That just well, you have to believe that that also because it was just about the time, the rat pack had peaked you have to believe that that actually helped Vegas tourism. Yes, it did. Oh, yes. It did. And there's just something his movies there. Nobody got killed in the movie. There was never any like really horrible negativity in the movie, you know, they always had something that was uplifting. And then when the music, you know, you want to sing along with it, it it really was a simpler time tell you after those thirty plus movies. He didn't record he didn't perform live from like sixty two like sixty eight but it was fifty years ago this month that he did that, you know, comeback special on NBC, and he kind of launched a whole nother career. I it's just amazing. But if you are ever in the mood or thinking about your fan of Elvis, and you wanna go to Graceland. I know that they can put it together a triple a central. What about holiday say, right? Now, somebody has no plans they have no family, but they just want to get out of town for a couple of days. Can they pick up the phone right now? One eight hundred three five four seven six one and say just send me anywhere you pick it within reason and get on a plane. I know people that are actually going to shout Carolina Charleston, South Carolina, leaving the twenty eighth, but that's probably been booked well in advance. But is there any last second deal, you can do or is it too too much volume right now that you can't get it done right now, in my opinion too much volume. I mean, you know, if you wanted to go, even if you said, I want to go to Chicago and visit family, and I want to walk around, you know, downtown go to the water tower and go shopping he might get a flight to Chicago. And I don't mean any disrespect to Chicago. It's a fabulous city. But if you said, I wanna go somewhere warmer, you know, we don't have a lot of nonstop flights out of Pittsburgh. So you've got to connect through a lot of cities to get to where you wanna go and those connections cities, go worldwide. So it's it would be difficult. At this point to get flights. What you can get most likely is going to be very premium and pricing. So if you know, you husband wife, two children, and you want to fly to Florida, you know, it could be easily six eight hundred dollars a person and typically that's more than what people are going to want to spend, you know, for a trip away, you know, a lot of this. It's those day things right now, you can go down to Ogilby and have, you know, lunch at a restaurant either nearby or try to get a reservation of the NFL dining room and go and drive through with the light. That is one of my favorite things ever to do is drive through at night through the lights. I mean, they've got hundreds of thousands of lights. It's absolutely beautiful. Let me give you a little tip. If you can't get to obey Clinton, Pennsylvania started many years ago by the folks Clinton, and my friend, the late Sonny jonoski was a big part of it. They have for ten bucks a car load one of the most just adjacent to the airport. I didn't know that listen, Debbie. It's unbelievable. But then did you now skis, you know, far market? And my mother used to love to go to the restaurant and still that's one of the best kept secrets around that restaurant. Anyway. And by the way, I remember Sonny his favorite some of his favorite trips. He'd go to Atlantic City. He loved Atlantic City, and he talked to me about going to Atlantic City Vegas. And when we come back, we're going to talk about some other destinations because it's about travel plans as far as two thousand nineteen but I promise when we get back a making your wait for this. Because it's worth the wait three nights Caribbean. Mexico vacations. Montego Bay Jamaica Puna Konta Dominican Republic and Riviera Maya Mexico. We're going to tell you all about it with Debbie when we get back. So stay with us. And also, we have a Royal Caribbean. Cruise of the week next hour urban capital group, folks, you're not gonna wanna miss what they're doing in the real estate industry something that makes sense for everyone home buyers of Pittsburgh dot com. Check them out and then stress how do you deal with it hard this time of year get well, naturally, Dr Joseph hahnemann, and then Chris heck president CEO the Pittsburgh airport chamber is going to be Rogers guest. Do you realize in that airport corridor twenty nine billion dollars worth of business a year? Incredible. And I gotta believe the airport is the heartbeat. Russia's going to talk to him and the two o'clock hour stay with us. Oh, that's phone. Drives me crazy excuse me. Sprint turned from sprint. Chairman. 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