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You rebels radio presents the two of US shorts with Neo me, Watterson Albert Frederick. High. This is naming lattice welcome to the US shots myself. Alba Frederick talking to people across the globe about that pandemic experience. On its relationship to creativity mental health emotional wellbeing. And as always I'd like to a a warning these adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later saw otherwise Stein right. I'm Ali overjoyed and slightly own about my guest today because without her I wouldn't be here she is director rail rebels radio at least you're Graham. So what difference do think it makes in terms of like community activism and engagement to have a designated space or how for station as opposed to a podcast or online station, but all the interaction is virtual. Well, if you look. In thanks for having me on the show today. Oh, me it's great to be interviewed by because usually. I'm either engineering for or doing something else. So it's quite an honor. Having, an actual hub for a station and the different that makes to having online podcast just accessible randomly having a radio station. Well I. Took a lot of. Inspiration from. The Australian model of community radio where because the distances in Australia between people radio was away of really. Connecting and Having people communicate with each other and also having. A membership. The club being how of. Some things that you could put into and they start off not online with masts around various communities and were able to share in that way. And that is very different to the commercial moto which is. Heavily sponsored. Has Sort of very restrictive messages may be in terms of. Ov- restricted ways of conveying messages in these community radio stations, people could talk about the stuff, the issues the bother them. Have a voice. And be the voice as well because then you have every day P pool. Interviewing. Other everyday people who will giving their points of view about localities and and and issues that affect them their own community. So I hope is quite important I think. For us. Maybe not so much for the big radio stations but having a place where you learned radio. Where you learn how to do it and you can start producing your content. I think that's been really useful to the mobile of rebel. which you are one. And You know. Being able to look at ways. Of using. Media. And be creative as well. Thing I mean I love podcast I love the. It's opened radio walk. It's opened audio up it's anyone can do it if they come in various qualities and With very subject matter and podcast is an extension. Really. Of the community radio you know. Giving people voice. Of this like every other podcast live I listen to this American life because that's the benchmark, very professional podcasting. You now with a huge team of researchers and produces the show and CUGE plans and it's not. Rough from ready, it's very, very polished. It's very good but also, very polished. It's just what we all aspire to me. We do spots, but there's a Paul make I was thinking about aspiration today I was I was aware that whenever Ryan to be people I have questions, I have bullet points. And often I think on my feet my say arm a hell of a law I'm from say that's really interesting on then. I. Go into something unless you're anxiously ups really interesting when I add to. I Shall I get rid of all the arms and that's really interesting. I thought no, it's a conversational style. That's the whole point it has to be as intimately as possible. It's like. My fantasies like the will be going a bus again or public space where we feel free there and you just overhear a conversation between two other people and you know that you shouldn't be overhearing it but it's so fascinating. You're not gonNA move away. That's what I want I. The the listeners spill over haring or they feel that they could be part of that conversation. So the. The. Sort of. The less Polish off the interaction I realized is important for me in terms of. Authenticity. One of the things that's really struck May, and that's before when Kobe was still leaders the Labor Party about what he said about you know or with these terms that learning jobs and what we've called low skilled a really essential jobs they're all workers, these key workers. But I feel that. Apart from Thursday clapping that sense slap people who less. And their jobs being defined as low skill, which is an insult in itself. I. I worry the Bat. Acknowledgement. Of the importance of those jobs themselves might disappear. New now that won't well. Even though it's really hard to say that Globe Labor I just think in terms of obviously in terms of the Tory party. Now. I. Just I can't begin. To say how I feel any Arctic look way because it would mean breaking things be. In article on behalf. Because I think I look. Just before the pandemic, we were looking at thirty years of. Before having seen programs with air pollution climate change. would be there are irreversible. So for me having the moment to sit and think the peaceful moments the COM. Is An anxious. Can we move forward? Can we do things differently. Why are people paying extortionate rents? To live in. Not very good accommodation. Why are people paying expensive fares? Why are people? You know? How can we live in this actually lives in this world and then further into it the I you know and of course you. Minorities. Bain POC. Pot whatever you know or in the front line of those things and then when you look at the global climate Affect. Those countries. are going to be the ones hit most hip. But we will all come to that, and that is what we need to be thinking about rushing back to work. Is something. But is it the right thing? Maybe it's not as unclear, the bigger picture that we that we start with basics. Like housing. And that causes into. Homelessness. And we look at the way our society is been structured. We need to look at that one thing everybody needs. Somewhere to lay their head you know there's that old. Song from the sixties may you never know your head down without? A handhold? May you never lay your head down in the cold? And that should be a principal. Amongst us all and the idea that it's complicated. It's complex has been handed down to us. We have A, we have a housing system. Yet it's been. Of Social Housing but it's been ripped apart and ripped to shreds, and we now need to build it back up again, people like to think that the people that this is happening to a really far away of really you know they're in Ahmed's will living like this right now and we should be treating the world as though it's in an emergency, not only because of the pandemic. But because of how we've been living entreating the planet. It reminds me when I have polar bear Stephen Camden on the show. Now. Such a wise thing and he said, he said I just don't get how that can be millionaires. I'm homeless people exactly and I'll never forget him saying that I remember him saying that and affecting me. And that was why these compensation really needs to be had it this time these this is the space for it and that we need to go back to basics here you know you keep stripping away not you but they keep stripping away. The? The rainforests and it's been told the. It's th-the alums of the planet lots of these healthcare workers. Now, a gun to have a lot of trauma how do we support that but I've worked in a hospital? The everybody's just the upper lip it's not people are dying all the time. So how can we how a system that festival support the work 'cause I'm then as extensive enough to support whatever stage they are in an illness and the idea that it doesn't have to be. You don't have to money as the NHS you don't have to cut costs you can have a system where both housing we haven't even gone into education yet, but housing and health, and then education. Those three basic things are the foundations of your society. UNTO talk about it doesn't come across Utopian idealistic it comes across as possible on the sensual. At. This time where Black ethnic minorities of facing the run of. Of the virus of the pandemic, they're out there doing their love low-paid seamlessly skilled jobs right now you realizing in appreciating hopefully. But. You know they were kind of forced to open the Mary Seco Hospital which would have been a great boost actually. Workers, NHS, workers, I think okay. She never really recognized. But also. Just thinking about Mary, C Colon had different. Way Of? Different way of nursing the so affronted Florence Nightingale when Mary came to the Crimean War came to London an offer services actually went to the Crimea..

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