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Of the Judgment Day. And I was like, okay, you know, this could be underwhelming, but it also could be good. Yeah, I'm interested. I'm gonna take the bait. All right? Let's see. Who it could be. And I was even, I was expecting like mace from retribution, drew Gulak. Drew Gulak. But I was expecting something underwhelming like that. Right. Now, I wish it was mace. That was the newest member of Judgment Day. Right. Because what the fuck happened. I was so mad. I turned off raw. I watched the second hour today or the third hour today. Because I was so upset. I was so mad, I DMed edge. You saw it. I was like, what the fuck, bro? Why? Yeah. Why? I thought this was working. Like, at least it was working with you. Yeah. You just started this stable. You just turned heel. Edges heel run lasted three months. Uh huh. You think you know me? Yeah, I guess you did. Yeah, I guess you do. Yeah, yeah. Remember me. I don't understand. Because I'm back. This makes no sense. Right. Don't get me wrong. I love swerves, but swerves still have to make sense. Correct. And this was edges stable that he founded. Right. I don't get it. Yeah, it was so bad. It's not like this has been around for like 8 months, and it's time for new leaders. And they're losing. They've won every match. Correct. Like, dead weight. What are you talking about? Right. He is the he's the guy. He's edge. Yeah. He's a reason why you're winning. He's the reason you're on TV. It's true. I mean, Christ. What were all of you doing before? I was so right. I was so angry. Yeah. I was furious. Right. And look, maybe I'm a mark, but this is not how you're supposed to, it's just more of the same with WWE. They start a faction, they break it up. They start a storyline. They end it. Well, at least they ended it. Yeah. Oh, it's over. If you think if you're saying, well, at least Finn Balor finally has the club. This is the beginning of the end for the Judgment Day. This faction will not be a thing by the end of this year. And that's probably speaking. That's probably being a little too optimistic. Correct. I give this faction less than 6 months. Right. This faction will be over. Yeah. For sure. If they couldn't keep it together with edge, what chance do they have with Finn Balor and Damien priest? And Damien priest, yeah. Right. Because at least edge could talk, he could keep you interested. Right. What is priest in Rhea Ripley? And Balor. Finn Balor was never cut a good promo on the main roster. No. Because of Vince McMahon and I'll Rhea talks about is you're paying this? Damien priest is just awful. He is so bad on the mic. He really is. Yeah, I don't get this. We'll talk about it some more later, obviously. And it's so funny to me that, you know, in our Twitter war with mister sapp. That mister. With Sean, we're Sean. Little Sean. Little Sean black lens. I have three names. Sean Ross sapp. Sean block button SAP. I have three names and they all suck. Yeah. You know, people like to shit on us because what's wrong with wrestling, you guys. No. I'll tell you what's fucking wrong with wrestling. It's the fucking show we watch. Yeah. I mean, look, as much as you want to think, we are here for community, okay? We're not here for clicks. We're here for people. We're not necessarily here for revenue. I mean, sure it's nice, but I mean, fuck, take any show you've ever been a fan of. If that show starts to suck, do you still sit there and defend it? Do you still sit there and watch it? Right. I mean, do people really think this is what peak of entertainment? I've reached my breaking point with WWE so many times. Right. Since we started this podcast that again, like I've always said, if we weren't doing this podcast, I would not be watching anymore. Correct. Because why would I want to put myself through that torture? I was so mad. I tweeted Jesus fucking Christ. Why do I watch this show? Yeah. And then I got a bunch of replies because you have a podcast, 'cause you have a podcast and then just like dollar symbols, and I was like, yeah, pretty much. Yeah, at this point. That's the reason. I would just be doing Hollywood hogwash at this point if this podcast wasn't so successful. We probably would have maybe done a Simpsons podcast. Only season four through 12 though. So it would be a limited run. Once we get to season 15, then we're basically doing what's wrong with The Simpsons. Right. Do we get to where did The Simpsons go wrong and do like a newer episode in a past episode, you know? Oh, fuck, we're just doing the same thing again, right? I hate that. Right, exactly. So look, I mean, we're very thankful for every one of our patrons. You guys are awesome. Including the new 9 that we have the new 9. This week, they saw this train wreck of a segment and they're like, I'm on board. Yeah, do you watch the show the boys? They have the 7 we have the 9. We do. Two more, two more. We got 9 new patrons this week. Are you gonna give them all superhero names? God, I don't even know. All right, so here we go. First up, we got super sherry. All right, we got one. Stevie V for vendetta. I don't know. Fair enough. Ben, Stevie vendetta, Steve vendetta. All right. Ben Ryan. I don't know. What do you think? That's tough. It is. I don't want to do this anymore. All right, so thank you, Ben Ryan. Liam attard, Patrick sager, Chris McDonald, Tony Zimmer ripa, the backwoods. Oh. Xavier Woods roll up. Our good friend from Royal Rumble weekend and San Antonio. 2017. Yeah, we met at that party for machinima. Yeah. Yeah? Machine them. Yeah, it was like a video game party because pax south was going on that weekend. Okay. And the girl from wrestling isn't wrestling. Yes. Was there too? Yeah, that's the girl that me too, what's his name? The guy from talking dead talking, talking dead. Yes. Chris, fuck. Chris something. Yeah. Yeah. We're getting old. Anyways, yeah, she meets him, and then she was basically like, it was like an Amber Heard situation. Before there was an Amber Heard situation. Right. Minus the pooping on the bed. Right. But she was cool when we met her. Yeah, you know. She did the suck at chops. Then our last patron we have to thank did a year sub..

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