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And she'd gladly show them these people included william bullock and sir joseph banks famous naturalists and scientists of the time as the years went on the hughes daughter finally was tired of carrying the severed head with no takers from us em's she finally sold it to desire henry wilkinson in eighteen fifteen the head remained in the wilkinson family's possession for more than one hundred forty years pretty soon the head took on a new name the wilkinson head during that time the authenticity of the head was called into question the first was in eighteen forty five when writer and historian of the time thomas carlyle called the head a hoax carlisle had never actually seen the head however and pass judgment entirely upon a friend's firsthand account but by this point few people cared enough about the head in fact most assumed the head was probably a fake can't say i blame them there's really no hard evidence to say otherwise what do you think i agree we really have nothing concrete to go on at this point but things did change for the skull in eighteen seventy five when another contender rose up to challenge the authenticity of cromwell's head this skull was called the shmole in skull the name shmole incomes from the museum where the skull was housed the ash million museum of oxford like the skull owned by wilkinson it had a pipe through its head leading many to believe it was really cromwell's at first the ash mullion head was declared that january article it has competition between the two heads grew demand check the authenticity of wilkinson's head did also so in eighteen seventy five famed zoologist and physician george rolleston examined both skulls to his surprise he found that wilkinson's head was not only authentic but even closer to the description of cromwell's head than the ash molin skull it boiled down to how the head was piked according to historical accounts cromwell's head was piked from the bottom to top the shmole in had had been stabbed starting from the top thus the.

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