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On both sides. This'll was later called a police riot. But first a year later, leaders of that protest including Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden, Were put on trial for conspiracy and crossing state lines with intent to start a riot from the start. The judge Julius Hoffman, seemed determined to convict and control a trial that included Judy Collins and country Joe McDonald as witnesses and defendants who dress up in costumes and blow kisses to the jury. The story is dramatized in the new Netflix film, The Trial of the Chicago Seven Franklin Jealous stars as Judge Hoffman and joins us now. Franklin Jello. Welcome. Thank you. You were unique among cast members like Sasha Baron Cohen, who plays Hoffman. Because you were alive and 68. What do you remember about that time? Well, I just I remember I was 30 and I wasn't a very good citizen when I was a young Man. I was ambitious for my work and my life. I paid very little attention to politics of the day. So this movie is for you almost away to go back and learn more about a time that you lived through. But let's give listeners a sense. Of the character you play Judge Julius Hoffman in this scene. One of the defendants and this is Black Panther Bobby Seale, who saw a whole separate story line. He did not belong in this trial at all, but he makes a motion to represent himself. And this is supported by another defense attorney. Let's listen to how your character Judge Hoffman responds. Are you now speaking on behalf of Mr Suit? No, Your Honor. I'm speaking on behalf of the other defendant. You're standing right next to him. Why don't you just represent him? Because I'm not his lawyer. So if I understand Mr Seal this last month and a half, and I believe I have he is not represented by counsel overruled and being denied Westerfield cancer, too. She will be quiet for their you representing where you've been quiet. This was difficult to watch. Hoffman would eventually order Bobby Seale. The man tickled, gagged while sitting in the courtroom without representation as you're playing this man kind of reprehensible in that moment. What forces are you gathering to do that? Well, he's reprehensible throughout. He doesn't have a single redeeming quality is one of the government not very bright, and I felt with errands wonderful guidance. I felt free to make him as much of a monster as he reportedly wasps. Well, you mentioned Aaron Sorkin, who adapted this screenplay from all to life events and In case anyone thinking that you're a little over the top here Slate Road as unbelievable as it seems Judge Hoffman, who was born in 18 95. Really did act with the malice shown in the film, dismissing objections from the defense before they were made arbitrarily excluding evidence. Witnesses even sure is not the first who some considered negatively that you've played Richard Nixon. In Frost Nixon. You played the handler of the spies in the Americans. Where does this character fit and In your head. Is there ever like a roller Dex? Of you know, people you've inhabited? No, they come and they go. I don't no comparison at all to Nixon. If there's anyone I compare him to It's Skeletor or in masters of the universe, which I did for my son when he was four years old. It was enjoy to play a man who had no conscience and knew from the moment he walked in that he was going to convict them to people who say to you and maybe they do. Maybe they don't. But we've had a lot of people trying to compare what's happening recently with 1968 is there comparison? Well, well, of course there is. Look, government is always corrupt, Always all the way back to the teapot down all the way back in island country in another country's power corrupts It's a cliche, but it's true. My hope is that President Biden will start us on a Seigner pack, but it it doesn't mean all corruption is wiped out. It just It's not the way it works. That's Franklin Gela. He stars in the trial of the Chicago seven as Judge Julius Hoffman. The film is available on Netflix now. Franklin Gela. Thanks so much for speaking with us. My pleasure. Thank you, Robin. So it's.

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