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Better than the way life was an eight eighteen eighty eight the time period of the jack the ripper murders and here's how shitty he said it was nine hundred two he talked about getting a job at a workhouse a place where you worked for shitty food and nightmares lodging and no money and you know aka super happy fun camp aka super happy fun camp dress spot in a workhorse workhouse always want to say workhorse might see that word workhouse you have to get in line early in the morning with a bunch of other stinky depressed skinny dudes with buck no hope in their eyes and you know and just you know hope against all hope that you could get a job just eat finally and grab a place endorse for wants to sleep that night at the supervisor hired you you got a little food to kick start your shift london described jacqueline described being given some bread that had the density and consistency of brick that's what he said sounds lovely he was also given a small cup of skilley will jackson skilley defined by dictionary dot com a thin soup or gruel gruel being defined by dot com is a light usually thin cooked cereal made by boiling meal especially oatmeal and water or milk all of this defined by me as bowl of sadness jack london's skilley was indian corn and hot water mixed together to form a thin soup that was probably roughly satisfying to to slurp down his ass wet or some poop juice the work of some type of remedial manual labor jack did some stone crushing during his months they're managed gruel and stone crushing and a place to sleep and no money but you did get a bath you did get a bath you got the worst bath ever check this i'm not making us out this is not one of my nonsensical stories bass bass we're taking pairs by workers as in you and another dirty naked dude sit together in a small tub like children and scrub up and shared water and it wasn't just shared between the two of you jack reported that twenty two men would use the water eleven pairs of dudes before the water would be changed man if you're the eleventh pair oh god how much does that suck you know the water is fucking gray like a dark gray by the time you.

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