Beth Myers, Senate, Kevin Stitt discussed on Sean Hannity


FM ninety six point one Oklahoma City stocks fell today and didn't come back on Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay new center Wall Street is taking another hit as the coronavirus stimulus fell short in the Senate again at the closing bell the Dow lost five hundred eighty two points to close at eighteen thousand five hundred ninety one the S. and P. five hundred fell sixty seven points and the nasdaq lost eighteen points and that bill to deal with the economic affected the corona viruses still held up in the U. S. Senate senators try again today to clear a key procedural hurdle but it failed sixty votes were needed to advance the measure it didn't get that many it's the second time in as many days that senators have failed to get enough votes here in Oklahoma state house Democrats have fired off a letter to governor Kevin Stitt asking him to immediately enact a statewide ban on closing bars and fitness center is an indoor dining for restaurants house democratic leader Emily virgin in the letter says lawmakers are hearing from business owners that a patchwork of regulations is unfair and unworkable he's also calling on the governor to enact a temporary moratorium on evictions and utility cut offs for those who can't pay their rent or utility bill because of the economic effects of coronavirus and in a report today from the state health department they tell us there are now eighty one positive cases of coronavirus in Oklahoma that's an increase from sixty seven on Sunday there have been two deaths one in polity and one in Tulsa county there are fifteen people hospitalized up from eleven on Sunday Norman mayor Brea Clark is taking another step to stop the spread of corona virus in Cleveland.

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