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Thirteen and this show ran for six seasons. It is over and done with ended in November of twenty eighteen each season had thirteen episodes, and you can speculate that the reason that it is over and done with is because the star of the show was Kevin Spacey, who was subsequently fired from the show in November twenty seventeen after accusations of sexual misconduct, just Teske. Yes. So he plays the majority house, whip Francis Underwood better known as Frank Underwood. And it's this long political journey s he exacts his revenge on those he feels wronged him and you see. Of his rise to power, and prestige in Washington DC alongside his equally manipulative, yet ambiguous wife, Claire. And they kind of climb the ladder and why I love the shows I've always been sort of fascinated by politics, and this portrays, Washington A, so dirty, and manipulative. Yeah. And I'm watching it going up at this is pretty accurate. I mean I just I just feel like it is fun. Fact. This is actually based on a BBC series of the same name, which was about a parliament. And so this is basically an Americanized version of it, and fun fact. They film a lot of it or did film a lot of it in Baltimore near where I live, also I'm looking at the cast here. Some. Oh, right. Yes. So big names that have been yes, sorted out. In addition to Kevin Spacey. Robin Wright, played Claire Underwood. Mma Herschel Ali, who just won an Oscar for what was that would green. You watched it green. Okay. Okay. I didn't know the name. I didn't. Yeah, I am. I didn't. Okay. Kate Mara, Neve Campbell, Rachel Brosnahan who will talk about in minutes. She was in this. Okay. I've only seen I think when we first started this podcast, each gave each other a little like challenge to watch something that the person loved, and it's interesting I realize now that neither one of us have completely finished the challenge. The other one gave because you watched a lot of the Walking Dead more than I watched house of cards. But that was the challenge you gave me. I watched, I think two seasons of house of cards. And I kind of feel very similar to what you just said. Like there's just a lot of competition. I I liked it. Yeah. I enjoyed it. I thought it was very good. But it's it hasn't been something that I've been compelled to, to continue exactly other shows out there, so well, the next show is one, you absolutely will wanna finish watching. It's. Yes. Dead to me. And again, these are all on Netflix were still on Netflix. This just premiered may third twenty nineteen and tons of buzz on social media about this show stars, Christina, Applegate, Linda Cartolini, and James Marsden. There's one season only obviously just came out ten episodes, thirty minutes. It's like a movie. You get bang that out in one. I did on an airplane. I loved it. Yup. Yup. It was so good. It has been renewed for season two but I mean I'm expecting that it'd be like another year before we see that probably. Yeah. So dead to me is about a strong friendship that develops between gen a tightly wound widow and real estate agent, and Judy a free spirit with a shocking secret and I really do drug alling. Yeah, I'm struggling with how to explain this show without giving anything away because it's one of those shows, there's so many twists and turns that you don't expect and it's, it's a beautiful. I think it's a beautiful show is how I can explain it. It's beautiful. It is an one thing. I liked about it is in the very first episode, they revealed something very shocking that I feel like most other shows that are not as cleverly written would have held off on that secret until until later in the season. But the fact that they introduced it straight up just created this ten dynamic. Right. Right. Exactly. Such won't show and, and Christina Applegate. I mean, the acting was great and all of this, but Christina Applegate, specifically blew me away. So very good show. I would say this is this is for chicks or couples, the Fokker men, men would like. I've heard many husbands are enjoying watching this their wives. Yeah. I would agree that I would agree with that. Sure. My husband didn't watch it, but it's hard to get him to watch anything. So I didn't either. Yeah. Well, speaking of husbands, I think the next show, also would definitely appeal to men and husbands. And that's daredevil. This is. As part of the marble net flicks universe. Which I love, we all know anybody who listens knows I just talked about Jessica Jones earlier, just cajones is actually, like a spin off of daredevil daredevil was the original the very first marvel net flicks series. There are three seasons. Each with thirteen episodes and there about fifty ish minutes, and it has been canceled. It's done. And I think it wrapped up very again, very well, very satisfying ending overall the three seasons were almost equal in my eyes. They were all very well done very satisfying. And again, the number one thing with these shows is that you have a good villain with Jessica Jones her billon in the first season kill grave was just incredible. The villain en- daredevil is a criminal named Wilson Fisk. And he's. Not really a mob boss, but you kind of get that feeling this show stars Charlie Cox. Deborah, an wall and Elden Henson, so not names that we really know from anything else. But all very good, especially daredevil Matt Murdock himself, Charlie Cox. So the first season sees lawyer, Matt Murdock using his heightened senses to fight crime at night on the streets of New York City's hell's kitchen neighborhood. Now he got his heightened senses from being blinded as a young boy, in an accident. And he's got like kick ass martial arts skills, and it's just fantastic like he can hear and just everything's heightened, he's kind of a superhero, but also kind of a regular guy. So that's what's really cool. I think he's very relatable. He undercovers a conspiracy of the criminal underworld led by Wilson Fisk, and eventually as the. Progress. He has to make a decision, whether he's going to hide from the world and be a criminal lawyer or embrace his life, as a hero vigilante, because he realizes he cannot do both. I'm guessing he goes for vigilant. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say, because well it's, it's cancelled so they might have done a nice tidy. They didn't. They did a nice ending. But it's, it's not I'm not I'm not gonna speak to that. So what do we have next? So next is one that Shannon, and I know quite well, and that is black mirror, and I'll tell you, why I mentioned earlier. We do a podcast where we cover this show episode by episode. So this is actually a British science fiction anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker, which primarily focuses on humanity's relationship to technology and its consequences. So this one has a bit of a complicated passed. It was originally released December fourth twenty eleven and that was on BBC and it ran for two seasons. And because it's British they have weird season. So it ran the first season was twenty seven the second season was twenty thirteen and the net flicks picked it up an order three additional seasons. So we're currently on season, five. We just actually concluded all three episodes. They're only three episodes for season. Five. And the episode numbers and lengths vary by season. So like for season five, we had a movie, a choose your own adventure. Movie called Bander snatch. And then we have three episodes, but season four I think, was like seven episodes or six episodes. So it's really, really variable. And I can't even give you cast because every episode is a standalone story. That's why it's it's fun to watch. You can come in at anytime, and that's why on our podcast. We pick episodes that were interested in talking about, but it may not necessarily be an order. They do get some pretty heavy hitters on the show, though. And I want to mention some of the alumni that have been on the show, Daniel Qaluwa who you might not know his name, but he was in get out and Jodie Whittaker. The latest doctor who Hayley Atwell whose agent Carter domino Gleason, who was the bad guy in Star Wars. I don't know his name. He's been in a bunch of stuff Jon Hamm Bryce Dallas. Howard Latisha, right. Who played? Cherie in Black Panther by panther yet. Yeah. Anthony Mackie from the avengers toe for grace and most recently Miley, Cyrus. So a lot of big name star. So if all those people want to be on that show than you know, it's good. It it is it is. It's one of our favorites as famous said and rolling into our next fan favorite. I feel like Russian doll is a little bit almost a little bit like black mirror. You know, it's kind of a mind bender kind of doesn't really deal with technology, but it deals with the unusual something unusual, that's happening on show for sure. Yeah. And I would say if there are any two shows on Netflix, that you guys haven't watched yet out of all these were mentioning Russian doll and dead. To me, you should just get on to new TV on right now and watch him again. This is only. Like dead to me. It's one season eight episodes thirty minutes. Each. It's Livy and can I say before you dive into Russian doll. It is a weird show and probably the first two episodes. You're going to be going like w t f right? Right. And I think it's when you get to episode three that you're like, oh, yeah. And I actually love those kind of shows, I love shows that slowly unravel, and you're not really sure what's how'd you have to have the patience for it? You have to. That's why it helps to have someone saying trust me. Stay right. Yes. Yes. That was like umbrella academy. I was like, I don't know about this, same. But he say stay right? Yeah. Right. So the one and only season of Russian doll just came out this year, February I twenty nineteen and if follows a woman named Nadia who is Natasha Leone was in orange. The new orange is the new black, that we just talked about not is on a journey as the guest of honor at a seemingly inescapable birthday party. In New York City. K- sounds weird already right? She dies repeatedly and reawakens at the same exact moment in her birthday party in the bathroom at her birthday party. And she tries to figure out what's happening to her as as the series goes on. It's very clever. Very good writing a unique Severi unique show, and I think that's pretty rare these days. But I just want to say because if you're like me, you might have heard that and said, oh, so it's like groundhog day or no. Same Bronx up that's been glad you meant over done over. It's not it is. I mean from that standpoint her reliving things, and trying to get get out of that moment. Yes, but it goes in this, totally unforeseen direction that is really difficult to explain, but there's definitely a really good payoff at the end. So yeah, we highly recommend that, and that's gonna. That's going to wrap up our recommendations for net flicks which probably had the largest list, honestly. And, and now we're going to switch to Hulu. So Hulu is a streaming service that I use, and I think most people are familiar with Netflix, Hulu is one where it actually shows a lot of television shows after they've aired on major networks. So I don't have cable. I don't watch anything on the regular networks. But if I want to stay current on, let's say, like good place, which is on NBC, then I will usually catch it weekly on Hulu after is. I think it's on there like two days after it airs on TV so I'll usually catch that new can subscribe to Hulu very cheaply where you have to watch commercials when you're watching shows or you can pay for the premium which is what I do. You don't get any commercials, but they have started Jack, I've to interject for a minute. When you talk about commercials because we have the cheaper commercial of urgen, and we've been watching the Handmaid's tale, which we're gonna talk. About right now. But you know that's a very intense show. My husband and I are watching it and literally five times. However many commercials are in the episode every single time the commercial comes on my husband goes what the fuck. I saw upset. I mean at first when my husband paid for the premium, I'm like, what I don't wanna pay more that east the purpose. But now, I'd be like a commercial, but yeah, I don't mind I like an actually like commercials. I might be one of those weird people. I, I liked commercials. Sometimes that is weird for other shows, I like to have a chance to get up and go to the bathroom. I like to have mental break. I do. Yeah. That's what the pause. But in spore exactly what my daughters. All right. So you could just pause it. Let's, let's talk about him aids tail Shannon mentioned it earlier, I have watched. I this is this is on its. Third season already. So it was released April twenty six twenty seventeen the first season had ten episodes second season had thirteen episodes in the third season. Also has thirteen episodes. I believe it still in the process of releasing an episode every week. And so that's where we are right now. And I think it's set to conclude at the end of July for season three and this is a show in preparation for this show. I actually read the book, so it's based on the bestselling novel by Margaret Atwood, and it is a show that set in Gilead, which is a totalitarian society in what used to be part of the United States. So Gilead is ruled by fundamentalist regime that I mean you could say it's a fundamentalist Christian regime that treats women as property of the state. It's faced with variety of disasters environmental disasters, which has in turn caused a plummeting birthrate their problems with women and fertility. And so. So in a desperate attempt to repopulate the devastated world, they do test women for fruit for Tilleke and they basically force them into sexual servitude. And one of these women, this is what the show is, is based around off red, which is of Fred. Fred is hurt master..

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