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And Catherine T. macarthur foundation supporting creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just verdant and peaceful world more information is a mac found daughter work from the crazy foundation expanding opportunities in America's cities through grant making in social investing more it crazy daughter work I'm from the Robert wood Johnson foundation at our W. J. F. dot org it's morning edition from NPR news I'm no well king and I'm Steve Inskeep is the UK's deal with while way a security risk the United States says yes reading about the information security for a vital ally the U. K. decided it was safe enough to buy five your Quitman from a Chinese company that offers far cheaper equipment than others as digital networks expand and improve this decision was announced as secretary of state Mike Pompeii prepares to visit prime minister Boris Johnson and other leading UK officials today Alan Woodward has been watching all of this he is a professor at the university of Surrey has consulted with UK internet security officials welcome back to the program Sir morning what is it exactly that Britain's says it is willing to to buyer willing to have its telecom companies buy from one way X. it is limited it's because I think the you can accept that there is a risk nothing's ever zero risk there is a risk so what they're doing is they're saying there's a limit wow equipment to the periphery of the network's effectively the antennas and then they can to limit it to a certain number as well and we're talking here of course about the the wireless network on which were using phones and much for using internet if you're in the U. K. already things may pass through while way equipment and that's going to continue to be on the upgrade network right absolutely I insight psyche has been putting out hits since last may and may stay on ten is that being used already from whole out they got something like twenty percent of the market already now you're saying that Britain is limited while ways use here meaning that there are more vital a more central pieces of infrastructure that they will not be buying from one way is that right the card correct state the the circle course the network the bit that really authenticate see new routes to cold that way you could really destroy if you like that hi then don't they can be restricted on tolls I'm so they can be restricted only to the radio access areas and even then only to about a third of its name on the set do you find this is an outside expert sufficient to contain the risk because it does sound like my phone call my signal my internet search my vital email my text might still be or would still be going through a Huawei antenna could it be spied upon in some way by China which is the U. S. theory here I think that that's I think that's a bit of a red herring I think the bigger risk is potentially disrupting the network because this is not about phone calls and date so this is about looking at ten years to win world very dependent on five G. and is running all calls and all traffic lights not building systems and the sum that could describe to that point that's where it could get really nasty however the big problem from my perspective is the market is broken I'm we have very little choice there are in the U. K. they're ready three Meg bend as of which will always want I'm not if you were to take them out you you'll restricting the diverse city offenders and that's in itself is a security risk because there's nothing to say that one the other band is as good as they might be might not an intensely introducer floor secure site it really is a balancing act and I think what the case saying is it's about mitigating the risk not saying is there's no risk but it's about mitigating noticed in a few seconds to British officials suspect the U. S. is just going after a while way for trade purposes because the US is pushing back on Chinese companies in so many ways I think they have it basically there is a suspicion that this is tied up with geopolitics absolutely and that's why they're basically saying we believe we can do in the house but the long term ambition is to basically line up with what the Americans is that anyway Alan Woodward thanks so much because he's a visiting professor at the university of Surrey when the Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco forty Niners in the Super Bowl on Sunday it'll be the chief's first time at the Superbowl in fifty years Frank Morris of member station Casey you are reports on the excitement and the complications cavernous majestic old train station in Kansas city's.

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