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The state's positivity rate. Seven day positivity rate is now 4.9%. Illinois's also speeding up its vaccination program. 41,000 doses were administered. Well above the seven day average of 26,000 The Harvey Police Department is looking to expand its nonlethal force options following the death of George Floyd last summer. John Howard, the director of the U. S extradition bureau, says Harvey police are looking into pepper ball launchers and pepper ball guns as a good option. Blunt trauma in combination with the pepper dispersion eyes enough to gain compliance if someone has a knife, baseball bad. Are, the police chief said. Right now, a task force is in place to examine the need in the department. There's no date set just yet on when they will use these new non lethal weapons to men attempted to steal in a T m from a restaurant yesterday morning on the West Side, the region's don clipping has more. Around 3 A.m.. Two men wearing all black broke the glass window of the door and a small front window of the restaurant on the 2300 block of West Taylor Street in the Tri Taylor neighborhood and tried to take an A T. M. They were unable to take the machine and fled, possibly in a black Honda CR V. No other items appear to have been taken. Area. Three detectives are investigating Don club and WGN news. Chicago area. Muslims are expressing their gratitude for President Biden, who signed an executive order that overturned a former president Trump's travel ban on several Muslim majority countries This week. Suzanne Solu of the Syrian Community Network is hopeful that President Biden's actions will create better dialogue moving forward. I hope that we don't lose this connection and that we can continue to work together because we still have a lot of work to do to take down the Berries of whether it's racism or whether it's you know the xenophobic policies and creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Is among the many protesters who showed up to O'Hare on the day the band went into effect. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is turning his viral mean into meals met. Madison has more After a photo of Sanders at the inauguration served as inspiration for countless social media means his campaign stores selling sweatshirts featuring the image all proceeds from the sweatshirt sales are going to meals on wheels programs in his home state of Vermont. Sweatshirt with Sanders and his mittens on the front is currently sold out. I'm at Madison Still BGN Sports Dustin Portier pulled off one of the biggest upsets and UFC history, scoring a T. K O over Khanum Aggregor on Fight Island in the United Arab Emirates, ending the fights in the second round. Lakers beat the Bulls at the UC Wanna 1 to 90. The Blackhawks host Detroit today, the pregame it Chris Potent at 11 the face off at 11 30 with John William in Detroit, Murray on 7, 20, WGN and WGN radio dot com. The forecast not from the WGN Chicago Weather Center. Here's me. They're all just Mike Jansen. Light snow is likely through our Sunday morning tapering in the afternoon. So cloudy eyes and lower thirties Sunday night can't rule out some flurries, possibles and freezing drizzle with lows in the mid twenties. The potential for snow becomes likely get here by Monday afternoon, maybe seems and wintry mix south of the city look for highs in the lower 30 Monday night, Snow continues again could see some wintry mix Far South. There's the potential for several inches of snow to be on the ground by daybreak to day. When the WGN Weather center I'm meteorologist Mike Chancing 30 degrees right now at O'Hare 30 at Midway,.

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