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Let me interrupt real quickly why do you hate kevin durant as a human being oh going to the warriors fighting but that doesn't make him a bad person well you know what the guy for the tundra in game six and seven western conference filed against the warriors with the idea that he was leaving so that doesn't sit well with me i i don't think at the time when that series was going on and he was trying to get back to the finals he was saying i'm leaving to go to the war is i don't think he was thinking that at the time i think once that series did conclude and they choke two three one that's when he made the decision i think he played hard in that game i remember very vividly that was what drew to charge that game and was a non factor and the kind of bothers me and also a mcqueen's about him talking politics and sports at all he should stick to sports you know disagree with you on that one too you wanna talk politics you're free to talk politics 'cause lese could say the same thing about you know why should you be able to talk about politics then so i don't even want to get into that because you opened up pandora's box in the next few hours of the show is should athletes be able to talk about sports you know they're allowed to talk about politics they're human beings and just because someone went to another team does that make him a bad human being dozen i'm pretty sure katie does a lot of charity work as well so oh guy doesn't get arrested the guy doesn't have a criminal record you call him a bad dude just because he switched teams.

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