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Three and people can order the book there who answers that phone. You answer the phone. There is a warehouse which stocks the books for me out in ohio. So it's not a way to talk to you know though they know how to get a hold of me if if you have a question when she audio book coming out i don't know we'll have to i. I'm thinking i probably need to rob to You know to team read that with you know we. We could sit there and do our our older brother younger brother act in kind of argue about it. it'd be like click and clack tap brothers reading an audiobook max. I don't do that well. Of course it will. Don't you remember back at mit do that. It was the two of you guys. Sorry i'm sorry folks even mentioning that had of course. That was the car talk show which was originally a radio show and i guess is now available as a podcast so very very famous Radio show right. What's up with the geeks. Rob anything Interesting from chicago. Actually we were talking earlier about National aviation hall of fame and They're doing a webinar tomorrow. With a number of aviation journalists You may remember a couple of years ago. I started a facebook page Twenty-first-century century Aerospace and we were trying to figure out how to help People that wanted to become aviation journalists or dig more into it would be able to make it. I mean how we're how do they get started. What do they do. And that was really a problem. I mean it It kind of lost a little momentum but We were a bunch of us are going to talk tomorrow. Thanks to the organizing from national league hall of fame and national aeronautics association And they're all kinds of saying gee maybe we can come together and figure out a way to do this. And i said i hope so because it's not near as easy as it sounds so that's on for tomorrow. We'll we'll give somebody the the url for that once it's Once it's also up on the aviation hall of fame website. That'd be a lot of fun Yeah hopefully you'll miss. They don't say if they don't say things like well. Rob what do you think we ought to do. Yes but it's it's time it's time it's nice for the help Little programming note which. I'm going to change right here right now. On the fly it originally started with no episode next week but i think We have some prerecorded pieces one from mica one from launch pad. And i think we're instead of having no episode next week will slide those two next week. Just a super super short episode And then the following week the episode that would come out on april fourteenth David and i interviewed the ceo of iris automation. And that's going to be an episode of the uav digest. But i think we're going to do is make that also the episode for that would come on april fourteenth now you may not be interested in drones and unmanned aircraft and things like that but this is a really interesting conversation. John is Cf is a pilot He comes from a long mandate nation background. In what iris automation is doing. Now is detecting avoid technology in. I think pilots who fly in the cockpit of aircraft of course are very concerned about Being able to detect and devoid drones and for drones to detect and avoid them in. So it's a. I think it's a very interesting conversation and like i say John comes from a background that You know it makes him more like airplane geek than a drone guy in in some way. So i think it'll be of interest to you. And then the following week the episode that would come out april twenty first That will probably be With our Son and fun show. We're going to go live on on wednesday april fourteenth at six o'clock or is launch pad says eighteen hundred hours at sun. You'll never hear me say eighteen hundred hours. Because i have to do the math in my head to figure out what time of day that is so I isn't that equal to four bells. Oh god don't make it even more complicated. I used to know the bells. Wow i haven't thought about it. That really i hadn't thought about that in a long time David's counting right now to figure out. I've just made that up. I don't know what to try to remember with my father. Being a sailor. I should know this like at the top of my head. Yes no so. Three with four would be four bells. Eight would before bells twelve would be four bells so it's two bells now right. I'll take your word for the bell tolls so that's the april twenty first episode. It'll be from from sunan fund possibly some interviews conversations with some others then in then wednesday april twenty eight. The band gets back together. And it'll be a normal show not that the others in between the abnormal but really. We're normal now who say. When have we ever had a normal show. She's that mean that usually means rob's not there. I think it means that the meds will have arrived. Is that what you're saying. Rob that's a compliment. Rob is like passing out. Oh right i knew that. Hey i have you heard anything about ivar hoc- maybe this year or we're jose. Yeah not yet. The website has though information Well they do say that something along the lines of you know. They're watching the situation. They'll they'll make a decision. So yeah it's That's june usually which is gonna come up pretty quick. I don't think if we haven't found notification about it yet. I don't i mean yeah. It seems kinda second half of the year. We're all going to be very very busy. That's true to make up the first half of two double up and last year. Yeah right little bit a listener. Mail tom roka's see citizen article from david's favourite online publications. The drive this is this cockpit view of a c. Seventeen wild ride through star wars canyon is bunkers so David star wars canyon. Describe that for us well It's called by other names as well. The jet i transitioned star wars canyon. It's for low level practice in california. You're much on a higher altitude than the aircraft flying below yusuke. Great great pictures and it's for high speed low level practice. It's like in wales. Do you also see those great pictures of like f. fifteens in tornadoes in star wars canyon is the us equivalent of it. And it's called. The jed eye transition units which is another term..

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