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It is now eight twenty seven WCCO a welcome back to steal talk and I'm your host journal instill in joining me has been Evan Francine thank you again for joining us tonight Sir it really is a pleasure because we're learning a lot and we really are getting the truth from you I love that you said we are about the truth and transparency as well so thank you good to be here okay so what keeps you up at night well I actually it's it's what my fortune old daughter does online you know just worrying about you know predators sexual trafficking cyberbullying those types of things I can sort of afford to lose you know access to an account here there may be some privacy things but it's it's truly more of a safety thing for me so all of the ways they've given the parents to try to protect their children many are not working anymore some of them are antiquated that's another problem with with technology it's ever changing yeah absolutely I mean whether I'm forty eight years old and I was one of the last generation's really to grow up without you know I a smartphone you know we had to use the pay phone when we want to call you know call home call somebody up land mines things like that I think this this parental generation you didn't grow up with these things it's a different time you know in in trying to understand it and sort of catch up is is difficult you know I am read not so long ago that there are so few pay phones in the country that every airport has to have one so I believe it was between twelve hundred and thirty five hundred pay phones in the country in the country can you imagine and then who's going to have the change on them to use it right anyway it's crazy so where do we go from here Sir I think you know as much as you can I mean I understand that there's this constant poll new things new apps new features a new technology as much as you can in your life try to simplify just get simple if you're if there's an app that you don't use in it there's no no purpose to it don't install it if if Google home if you go without it then go without it unless you know how to secure it everything that you add into your life brings more security challenges more privacy challenges just think those things through before you plug them in and start using what do you think of Norton three sixty I think it's good it's it's as good as you most of those applications you know those internet safety or internet you know anti virus applications are good suite of applications to run whether good Norton or Symantec I'm sorry or I can be a really all around good next week yeah thank you well I tell you it's it's interesting when I don't feel protected at all in my grand children and again at that point my oldest granddaughter where you know she can work an iPad better then I can't so you know it's really disturbing because it's ever changing so we have to encourage the parents to get on top of this it has been a pleasure having you joining us tonight and I sure hope that we can have you join us again thank you thank you very much have a great night you too Sir that was Evan Francine he is the founder.

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