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I remember trying to go outside and play she was actually in my way, you know. Okay. And I ran pastor my brothers that good. Tar turnaround for the holiday. There's a flu underneath a tree, and he gets to like. My mother said she bought you that go play that blue you gotta learn it. I played the blue for probably seven eight years. And I loved it. I mean, it's my own blaxploitation movie dude. Okay. Jonathan was Terry crews at one point a courtroom sketch artist. I'm gonna guess because of his studying art artistic background might be a thing that you would do, at least once okay, Terry. Yes. Bingo. Yes. Was for college my first year after my freshman year my father said, you need a job, you can draw taking down a TV twelve. Oh man. Hey, y'all been drone? All right. I just wanna get out of there. Right. The art director comes up from the basement and keep art directors. He's looking at all the he's like, I'll give him a job. And what happened is the biggest court case Flint, Michigan history. Sakado court sketch artist could not make it. So they ran downstairs where we were in the basement, and they said Terry, can you go to the courtroom right now gets supp-? We need tonight. Yeah, I didn't never done it before there, I was sketching out everything and put it on the TV that night. And my mother was like she was so proud. It was the my first job. And entertainment, actually. All right. Jonathan did Terry crews study the art of French pastry. You know, I'm starting to feel like. Or any of these no? Tell me it just seems like Terry crews so far can do anything. Onto something, and I'm going to say as likely as it sounds that he would have been able to fit in some study of French pastry into this very busy life. I'm gonna say. Yeah. Sure. He does. But I went to Dominic as low yesterday had a grown up man. Jonathan does Terry crews build his own computers. Yes, he does. First of all, okay, I'm watching a computer he's he's playing all man. You win dude. I'm watching what do you mean? I'm watching. It's youtube. I'm I'm watching people have fun. You know, it was one of those things he was really into this stuff and I just wanted to get in his word. So I said, hey man, what we're going to do? We're going to build a computer from scratch. And so I bought all the stuff I had no idea what I was doing. It was the best time. Let me tell you. We got so close and. And. Great job Jonathan. Terry crews stars on Brooklyn nine nine, America's got talent the champions and he'll be back. A little later in the show for his own. Ask me another challenge. Get up for Terry crews. Our next game is about food and books. So get ready to use that degree in English fritter that's contestants, I up, Emily Monjo you used to work at a call center for a concierge company. Did okay. What are what kind of requests were you asked to Sierra while I learned that people who have a lot of money, have very interesting way of understanding how the world works over had one who for his daughter's birthday party wanted to rent a giraffe for them to ride down the Las Vegas strip. All right. Emily. When you ring in, we'll hear this your opponent is a rich Fischler. You're a high school physics and computer science teacher. But you used to be a biomedical engineer. Yep. That's pretty intense all of that together. Yeah. Why does switch from engineer to teacher? Well, for some reason, the company, I worked for moving me from making things to managing business. And that's not interesting to me, and I got bored and annoyed..

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