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What was the bill straight? The Bills trade Wasps. 10 for 27 91 plus a first the bill's got a little more They were down a little farther. They were a little earlier and they got they got picked 91. In addition, I mean, I just love I love drafts. I love these. I mean, you could pick agree or disagree like you could pick any year here in recent memory and just go over it. And like, and it just enjoyable. It's enjoyable. Yeah, especially because of think this point came up the other day, and we didn't have it buckled down, and I don't still right now, but the number Mean just that the trades those trades for quarterbacks, You know any any trade up to get a quarterback is is just super interesting. So there's a year where it happened three times the winds and golf year, both of those teams traded into those spots to draft those guys one into I think that's right. Um, and like, you know, when you look back at at that draft, and even just the quarterbacks from draft from, like, maybe 2016 to now, the amount of movement for those like Winston and marry Oh, to one in two different teams went in golf wanted two different teams. It really is in considering what teams paid to get in those spots to make those drafts happen. Make those you know, acquire those players. Um, it's I love sort of looking back at that and remembering like How much teams paid to get in those spots. Yeah. Go back to Robert Griffin, if you want. That was a massive trade up by Washington and look great. I mean, he was the rookie of the year, I think, and they were in the playoffs. He got hurt. They got her again. And it was over like that. You know, that's that's part of the running back point. I mean, you and I have people don't know are very different or somewhat different. Not very different to me. You're Mr Draft running backs. It certainly is possible. Or anything, but we have different positions on what we'd like to see happen here this week. Injuries are a part of that back to McCaffrey. He lost a year kind of like he played three games. In 2020. Barkley has lost a year already. Dalvin Cook, who was in that draft has lost a year already. The injuries are a big part of the equation when it comes running back, So if you want to pick one of the bills and up picking one here in round one, just cross your fingers. Daddy doesn't get hurt. I mean, that's just something that happens more often, and there goes your acquisition. Well, there's anything off the last in the last 20 hours, changed your mind on anything. Um, I I sat with, you know the stuff yesterday from Todd McShay hearing. The Bills are looking to get get ahead of one of the Steelers jets and Jaguars. Those three teams like maybe 23 24 25. I'm not sure I got sounds right, but somewhere in that range And I just might. My first thought yesterday. Was they like a different running back and I I don't want that to be the case because I'm not interested in and just any running back because I'm not really out to fix the bills running game necessarily. I just wanted more dangerous player in E. T N is Me on an island in this group, at least off of highly rated guys a supposed to like, Devon, they Williams or nausea Harris. I'm not real interested in those guys. But so I thought that right away like the bills are, like, you know, it's getting out there that they want to move up for E T End like that means they don't like e t n And I'm I'm starting to feel that More than anything else that you know they're not going to move up there. Not gonna move up too drafty tea, and then I'm gonna move up the draft. Now, Jay Harris. They're going to stay at 30 and hope that some other teams, you know, maneuver to draft these running backs because they've created this false market ahead of the Steelers or something. And They're just hoping that works in that somebody corner of the defensive end falls in their life and 30 that they really love that Z. That's the track. I'm on today. I do tomorrow could change. But I don't buy for a second that they're looking to move up to draft a running back. That's a lot of I don't know you're gonna tell me it's not a lot. Maybe it's a lot of work. For what is likely to be a meaningless effort. I think if that were all the case, like if the Bills were really not interested in Travis Et en the numerous Peter King and McShay and the people who think they are all being lied to There will be there all being misled. So that in a narrow where teams hardly ever draft running backs, let alone trade up to do it. But the effort is about getting someone else to do that either. Just pick him or trade up to get him. I mean, that that is a lot of work. And you know I know that we can't really figure these things out and Sal comes on. And I love to talk about the reporting aspect of all of it. But you get you can't just lie to these people and expect them to believe you The next time let you tell them that they're lying. And then then we're accusing McShay and so on of just Reporting the lie. Yeah. Which I don't think they would want to. I wouldn't want to look huge them of reporting the lie. But I do think the reporting aspect of it is is really interesting. I don't I don't know how interesting it is to our audience. Um, but I think to some people, it would be interesting. I'd love to know. Like what sort of pressure someone like Todd McShay fields from ESPN to just create content. And if he here is not necessarily from the bills, it could be E T ends camp. It could be. It could be anything. Well, not anything, but I mean, it could be a few different places outside of the bills. And I also don't think that necessarily. Peter King puts Travis E. T end of the bills that 13 his mock draft means he heard from someone inside the bills that they loved Travis Et en. He might just be doing what I've been doing since January. Looking at the bills roster going, They're pretty fully formed in a lot of places. Sure, they could use some depth..

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