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No joke didn't have a chance again epidurals nothing massaro at thirty minute but did you have the drugs none of the drugs are you joking none of the dry you went in you didn't have the drugs your vaginas a hole and and i'm getting the pains i'm getting contractions which by the way feel like the worst cramps ever that you could ever field that's what it feels like it but it lasted thirty minutes and i delivered like that so like what are you save thirty minutes like it lasted thirty minutes thirty ms of pushing no or thirty minutes twice set baby jobs slid out the up she was just ready ready oh i was screaming for a drugs to the very last moment and my doctors like we don't have time we have to do it in my has been like graf's my like he they were going to do this and in my mind i was like oh are we are we are doing this usually hereby i would have been saying i i are we doing mass you're doing you know me i i love to joke until the i would have said that if i were in the middle of screaming through a contraction but i pushed twice bam she was out and that was the most intense pain you've ever felt near entire life now this if you are you're wells are you joking you felt physical pain in another way yeah i had a couple of months ago i have goal stones and they also have a guest rightists and i had this horrible attack that lasted i was in hospital flick five data mean that you just get a lotta gas thumb no it's pain it's like the word it kind of gases painful well it was an was it wasn't the rightful question so what is it um they couldn't tell me exactly what it was but they felt like it was a combination of goldstone's um and gastritis and it felt like my stomach was being squeezed like a balloon and it was like about to pop and i felt that for like three or four days straight they gave me morphine it did nothing to none morphine did nothing morphine did nothing.

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