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Wow liberty drivers Michael mcdonald They make a donation drive a car you in Turku for Rubbed, off on. You drop your, a little. Bit Mike Michael McDowell but any here's the deal the car by the way Give me the thirty second sign And I'll wrap things up for the car is beautifully logo with all of the, Kroger as presented by, Pepsi sponsors including our our. Logo the twenty second annual awesome it is beautiful out there and it's got, all of our, sponsors under Kroger Pepsi Republic Airways which Big Joe has worked for them and done to the charity things within for because he used to be a pilot in and, it was, a, long time ago but he's yeah he's not doing it anymore because. He's got, the big radio job, but yeah the pilot for Republic the Joe used to be a. Chef at the on air catering Lift flight school JD by riders. Back again, and they've stepped up, their event center and he w NC attorneys at law so Terry Blue Hook up with them Watermelon association No, no, no, no no you he and his big huge thirty five forty thousand. Bucks today auctioned big auction it or winter meetings and people balked off these huge truckloads, of watermelon and they give us all the money right in town ever queenie Santa Queen meaning Queen here to, radio station We, get, a, Queen, and, the Queen gives every one of our race winners a watermelon so. The race for Riley doesn't have acquaint- do they we got the watermelon Queen the watermelon, cream but why don't you have a pageant of some sort I mean really oh a pageant for the stretch Second week cherry you can't charge of it how, many weeks to. Three yeah I can get you a Queen FFA jacket. Will have no bearing on you being a, part of this when you can't use that and the. New castle, motorsports? Part, and I want to also Big Joe. Bust his tail yes. He did a. Window World progressive. Is thanks Big Joe he. Worked. So hard getting, all the restaurants the, whole family involved, you see Pam like Holland. Chairs kids you've got your child labor people, yet on any children, he's got, the kids are, out Joe. Is also bartender. He's the bartender he arranges overhang he's the one singing? Ammos, Harry and is he he got those Ruth Chris liberty noodle nameless catering silk capital grill they're also who else is in there jerk but yet oaken barrel judges barbecue. Ocean air Haagen caring part Oliver grill prime, forty-seven and livery and, also if, you haven't ever, seen Joey Spectacle come out police this isn't about me No.

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