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Feels good your i can i can i could work for those network's ian hunter ones where everybody like stands up on chairs and scream zoltan i could do that feels comfortable it really does in a house house a train ride and stand it was agony the trains in manhattan ira less than wonderful well they're better than a driving car into the sun which lot people doing right now the sun for some reason sets directly down the street if you're heading west and i don't quite understand why that is okay so yeah uh we were on people to turn into the uh former fbi director james comey testimony tomorrow morning a hearing wbai because it's going to be riveting um you might wanna set aside a couple of hours don't have an important meetings or anything like that to your comments about the trajectory of all this i think it's really amazing the speed with which it is um a run really hot and now a sort of i guess a continuing to burn may be burn out i dunno it's like a uh some celestial event all uh as an event alright but not quite a shooting star i want to say i i'm not quite sure with the with a parallel would be but it's certainly uh spun in all different directions and i'm i for one i'm amazed at the um ineptitude and i thought it was going to be a farcical humor is i i was as counting on that actually um.

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