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Rodgers has won one career touchdown pass to a first round pick. It was Mercedes Lewis last year. Who was a first round big for different franchise and so they once again are being negligent about what they need to address. So I say they're being hyper optic greg to focus on the long term not enough focus on the short term. This is not surprising. You're obviously going to back your pick in your selection and where you decide to go with that information. Nick I disagree. I don't think that they're looking too far down the road. I think they understand what they have with Aaron Rodgers but they want to secure what they have moving past that now. Aaron Rogers says something about the Green Bay packers in in a free agency this off season. They didn't need much because they have pretty much what they mean. It was. I'm paraphrasing. But he understands that we're close. We don't need to add a whole lot. We don't need to do a whole lot. Did they need another weapon? Yeah we all know that but also they know executive wise upstairs that they have a really good team and they WANNA sustain those that success that they have created in this future starts now for them with a young quarterback in being house with Aaron Rodgers. Still in his prime and he's going to be the guy. We all know that that can help and assist this. Young man love with sustaining the success that we've seen in Rogers takeover.

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