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It is 11 21. Welcome back to the show. Got mentally Rodriguez with a trending story. Hey, Natalie. Hey there, Brian. Well, it's pretty hard to sum up this year in just one word, let alone one with Which is why the 2020 Cent candle gives off four different aromas on before your mind goes totally not all at once. Because that sounds like a really better. Yeah, you know, And my mind originally had gone to like, maybe the WC, but no, This is nothing like that, although if I were creating the 2020 candle, That's exactly what it would smell like. No. This one smells like banana bread, Hand sanitizer, Woody, musk ce and budget aftershave, which I'm not sure what budget aftershave is. But okay I'll take. I'll take their word for it. The company's called flaming crap. It sounds aptly named, frankly, yes, and they promise to take anyone on a sensual journey through the year and so sensual. No, Anders. I'm picking up and I mean they're playing that game. 22 of the sense are intended to be a reminder of the Netflix hit Tiger King. The first magic candle sold out and orders are being taken for a second batch. Yeah. Ah well, Mary So there's that. I mean, I would be. No, they're flushing feelings. They're going for the gag gift thing here. We're coming up on the holiday season. They're going for the gag gift. And you know what? That bit worked well, sold out. Absolutely. All right. Good for them. Capitalism is a beautiful thing. Alright. Joining us is speaking of the holidays. They're right around the corner. I know we want to get there. But then what? Because of the virus there. So get Gabe Ab Shire. He's a expert on workplace culture is joining us gave my question for you. I've had this articulated to me by a couple of people already. I'm sure it exists more pervasively. We know this has not been a good year for employment. It's not a new condition that some employees feel nervous about taking time off. However, during a recession and when a lot of people have been out of work, it certainly adds to the anxiety. So my question for you. What is your guidance to someone who is currently happily employed wants to stay that way, but is worried about taking time off because maybe if I take time off, they will. Just get rid of me. Hey, How you doing? Good to be here today. Yeah, That's a tough question. I think it starts with the culture of the company right in the state of the company that that it's been in through this pandemic, right. If the company's doing well, they have a great culture they should want Employees to take the time off because they've been working more hours at home and in a much more stressful situation, But that could be you know, could be a little bit different Cos struggling but it really just comes down to culture and communication for me. Okay? And and I think that's good. And you know, just kind of pick it up on that the other side this obviously this year the cycle is different. We don't necessarily have context. But you know, economics and business that is, and that's consistent overtime. Are there really examples? That you have seen where people have taken time off and companies said, You know what? I really don't need them or is that mostly a fear that we put on ourselves? I think it's a fear that we put on ourselves because if we've Made it through this, you know, hopefully the toughest time during this pandemic, and we've been employed and our employees, employees and employers have been appreciating each other. They should want them to take that time off, But I think you kind of know what's going on within the company that you work for. But I think as with many other things in this wonderful year, 2020. I would agree with him say that's a fear that we put on ourselves. If it's good information, So for anybody who is planning on taking time off, and this is, you know something that's on their minds. You mentioned open communication. What's the best way to be able to get from here to there awhile, trying to alleviate our fears and concerns. Yeah. If if I'm in an environment employee, I would definitely give as much notice as possible. You know, you don't want people taken all their vacation in December. So look, I'm playing in this vacation and start that communication with your manager. Ah, and just be, you know, open and honest with him and also just be like, Look, I understand what's going on, understand situation. If it's not a good time. Let me know. And I'm all I'm all good, but just really start that communication is the worst thing you could do is come in and give, you know a couple of days notice, saying him taking three weeks off. That's not a good look for you. Itself game. Thank you very much appreciate the time. All right. Thank you Gave AB sharp and again, he's workplace culture expert. And continue to take your calls and your thoughts and one of the colors asked. Why haven't They called Alaska. Well, this raises too important and instruct the points The first thing is, and it's so critical to remember this. We're talking about Wednesday. You know you have Fox News and mothers that called Arizona pretty quickly and it's like, what are they doing there? Well, the first thing to remember is It doesn't matter what any media company says. But I think It is a matter of the Associated Press calls something It doesn't matter if NBC called something it doesn't matter of ABC called something It doesn't matter of Fox News called something or doesn't It has zero bearing on anything. Most just like most of what news media covers day in and day out anyway. Instead. You know, we've got our models we got. Will you forget all that? The only thing that actually matters Is ultimately votes that are certified by the state, and nobody is technically won any election until that's done. By the way is typically weeks out from now is just that a certain point. It's evident right and that's when things typically get called Now. When it comes to Alaska. The reason beyond media calling. It really doesn't matter anyway. That Alaska's taking their time. They're only 50% reporting right now, and I'll explain more about some of what you're seeing on the other side of the news here, the bomb the hour be right back and Brian much Chinese radio 6 10 w y o d.

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