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The way we talk about. Injuries now is so fast. And so let's try and gauge your. Look he's face to face when he clarify non month and the the ira this he knows. At least this is gonna be a month and so what does that mean. Tell me what that means this offense. The weakest part of this football team is still weak. The thing that was going to potentially hold this football team back is already in the preseason holding this football team back. And i'm asking myself how do they pass game. That is in desperate. Need of getting better. Get better when the integral pieces that are going to do. That can't work together. This kid get any better in the preseason right now if we focused on one point of this passing that was gonna get need to get better. I had said since. They drafted him rashad. Bateman outside of the quarterbacks is the most important rookie in the nfl. And we're talking about all their receivers hollywood brown. He needs to get better with the mark. He's not practicing. Boykin needs to become a big play receiver with his size. It hasn't happened and bateman if we're gonna pinpoint one specific area in the past game that needs to get better. It's going to be perimeter. Okay as a quarterback when i'm throwing the ball to the perimeter it's more often not going to be out of my hands before the receivers looking for it just because it's got to go so far and that all comes down to feel and rep and timing and rhythm. How can those guys get better. If they're not able to do it this was a weakness heading into this season that they were hopefully going to attack and it's still a weakness. This a huge huge concern for super bowl contender. So lewis going back to our previous scale. We could be concerned. We could be perturbed. We could be terrified. Where do we stand as far as concern that this will keep this offense from accomplishing what they need to this year. They're not available. That i'm terrified that it's going to keep the offense from accomplishing what they want to accomplish. The fact is though they still have some time in order to get these guys ready now. Obviously when when. John says that were shot. It's gonna be out maybe a month or it'll be it'll be a number of weeks i mean. Obviously that's a huge setback. Thirteen wide receivers in training camp. They only had eight of them on the football field math. I mean that's five guys who are not practicing. And i'm not that smart math but that's the bad guys aren't practicing and you're trying to help out help out a passing game. Obviously that this is this going to. It's going to curtail the improvement that you're hoping to make so look. They're gonna rely on what they do. The very best they're gonna rely on running the football. Jk dobbins by all accounts right now is someone who i think people are saying. Look for this young man to absolutely explode while he'd better be ready to explode especially in the first month of the season and the needs to make sure he himself stays available stays healthy stays off the covert list. Make sure that he is someone who doing everything possible to make sure he stays on the football field along with number twenty seven and the guys like mark andrews because if they're not on the football field things get sideways for baltimore and our hurry and they could find themselves behind the eight ball. Coming out of the first month of the season is not. That's not where they wanna be in a very competitive division with cleveland and the steelers. Maybe not as bad as people thinking. What are you hearing dan. Look we know they can run. The ball is not in question that they're not taking running backs and guards in the first round of the year the wide receivers. They haven't been able to get it right right. I mean you go back to bershad. Paramedics markey's sprouts good player but hasn't been like a first round caliber guy. Hayden hearst a tight end. they took they just. They haven't been able to find in the draft. These weapons in the passing game. That would make them a difference maker in that realm and obviously lamar jackson a specific kind of quarterback. We know he can throw but he needs pieces around him to be operating at a high level in the passing game. So the fact that this guy's not ready is not a good sign that our level has reached concern in baltimore. Hold that thought. Meanwhile let me run the through some of the baseball yesterday. There's.

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