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Trae excited. I can't wait. I'm just having such a good time tonight. This is just so much fun. Let's get it going all right. It's time for the food court files. Hey remember that thing. The Moon Landing Jazz trapper keepers manners. Alf Sunny D. Yeah I remember those things all right so we're going to get started We're so we're GONNA talk about four We're going to combine. Remember that thing and food court files just because we ended the contest we WANNA get the get our time right. So we're going to be combining the two by doing restaurants don't exist anymore food slash. Remember that thing you know when in doubt just smashing together and she will you can do. It's like peanut butter. Jelly accept things that don't exist anymore so like peanut butter and ghosts Dodo birds. Those are real and ghosts are not real. So I when we got on the docket There's only been in this one on southern California is national brand so we're GONNA be talking about Patent Oscars. I don't know if he has been there. That's a spivey staple especially for vacation time. Now they have some of the best breadsticks in the game. If you look at back he's had quite a few of them. I don't know if it was butter that they painted on it. Maybe a Parm in the batter. It's like they demand better and then they painted them with butter. It's like Picasso's making bread steamed found a way to make breadsticks out of butter. That is what you need to do. Definitely one of our favorites now Kenny. Rogers roasters Kenny. Rogers roasters their ago said that read. That's that's another national one that no longer exists I don't think we had one by us. I don't remember one by us. Know would I do remember if Kenny Rogers roasters Seinfeld episode in which it was which it was mentored? You remember that episode. No tell me about it. It's the episode. Where the Kramer has the Kenny. Rogers roasters opened across the street in these. Has that bright light in there all the time. Which is apartments with Jerry? Many turns into Kramer love. Yeah they had those all over the place heather had him in Burbank. Was it any good all right? I like it. I will get the green light from heather. Next one up is Carnegie Deli Only New York City one of the most famous delis in the world for like seventy eight years. It's like the goto place. It just closed recently. I think running as a family business. I got to go there when I was in New York with Graham Earl and Kelly best sandwich I've ever had. I've never seen Moore Sandwich my entire life and that's the most thing about sandwiches the more meat the better in my opinion don't be thrown all the veggies on there. I mean I love Brad. Liked the next guy but gave me like four hundred pounds of Pastrami. Yeah if it's not like a slab. Don't even give me the sandwich. I want to strongly. That falls off the side to be enough to make two more sandwiches..

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