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This says the cbs evening news good evening i'm anthony mason for the first time in a year democrats have something to celebrate with president trump's approval rating under 40 percent a record low for a president's first year democrats won decisively into governors races last night and they're suddenly feeling very good about next year's midterm elections nancy cordis begins our coverage as a big night for democrats of bill murphy marvelling today at his thirteen point we in new jersey governor's race in virginia dr ralph north them seve rda nine point win over republican ed gillespie said in a governor's race that was supposed to be close virginia has told us too and the divisiveness as republicans on capitol hill took notice our problems are basis pretty unenthusiastic it's more than that in exit polls thirty four percent of virginians said their vote was at least in part of vote against trump a surge in democratic turnout handed the party at least fourteen new seats in virginia's house of delegates it was totally stunning to everybody who follows politics here the university of virginia political scientist larry sabato says it's a sign that means need to work their 2018 play book they thought ed glaspie had the answer which was to keep trump himself at arms length but to adopt trump's key positions in key issues well it didn't work in fact it failed spectacularly for keeping them up.

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