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There are like one point three million americans who have top secrecy clearances and jared kushner kushner does not make the cut that my favorite detail is that the chief white house calligrapher this is a guy who like you know does that like the name cards our state dinners invitations at get sent out this guy is a man or woman but that position has top security clearance yet higher than the jared kushner now pusher was downgraded from top secret to secret my favorite tweet this week was from a veteran pentagon reporter nancy of who said talk in the pentagon hallway having has a secret security clearance basically authorizes you to read the new york times um so that gives you some idea of the kind of information that jared kushner will have access to the questionnaire so the question is like how long how long can survive kenny survived right arm and will he in an event just move fact world as it i mean if he leaves does obama stay i mean what is how does that work but let's move on so we've got also hope hicks announcing her resignation or confirming that she is going to be leaving the day after she is hauled before the house intelligence committee and refuses to answer any questions about her conversations in the white house uh based on some sweeping claim of executive privilege although although does acknowledge that to do her job uh as as a spokesman person for donald trump has to tell white lies now i think there'll be a lotta question about defining a what a white how white those liza yeah yeah and then this new round of feuding between the president and his attorney general and a just a little backdrop on that um the uh democratic memo rebutting the newness memo about the circumstances.

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