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His black neighbors and a set of residential rental units in Roslindale. The ages. Office is seeking a preliminary injunction to protect the alleged victim's. Healy's office is also taking action against the manager of an apartment complex out in Fitchburg, accusing table partners of failing to prevent the race pace harassment of a Latina ex family by two white neighbors. President Trump attacks Democratic rival Joe Budden for wearing a mask after saying a few weeks ago that wearing a mask is patriotic and his rally in Pennsylvania Thursday night President Trump mocked Joe Biden for taking precautions against Kobe 19 telling a packed crowd of supporters. Did you ever see a man that likes Damascus? Muchas him most in the estimated crowd of 1200 people at the rally. We're not wearing face coverings. The president criticized by him for what he says is too much of a focus on the pandemic, saying the Democratic nominee should be talking. About the economy, a new ABC News Ipsos poll found. 60% of Americans say Biden would do a better job handling the pandemic compared to just 38%, who said the president would Karen Travers. ABC NEWS Washington president Drop is apparently getting support from the Kremlin in claims that voting by mail can lead to voter fraud here. CBS has been Tracy CBS News has obtained a new Department of Homeland Security Bulletin. It warns Russia is amplifying criticisms of vote by mail and echoing the president's own words claiming ineligible voters could receive ballots. North Carolina is among the state's relying on mail in ballots, in fact that began sending out About 600,000 ballots to voters today who requested them could be record there. And the U. S. Atomic watchdog agency says Iran continues to increase its stockpiles of enriched uranium This is in violation of limitations set in the landmark 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. Another crew member has been rescued days after a ship vanishes in the seas off China Japan's coast guard rescue survivor floating in a raft today, hours after finding him unconscious crew member and waters where a ship carrying thousands of cows from New Zealand Capsized and is believed to have sunk during stormy weather. This 30 year old crew member was wearing a life jacket and floating in a raft in the east China Sea. It's where rescuers have been looking for the Gulf Livestock, one ship and it's missing crew since it sent a distress signal early Wednesday. The ship with its 43 crew and 5800 cows, left New Zealand in mid August on its way to China. Most of the crew were from the Philippines. Matt Piper, CBS News Slim If police are looking into who poured white paint all over Plymouth Rock overnight, the incident was found just this morning course. More than a people. More than a million people visit Pilgrim Memorial State Park to see that rock Every year and, of course, the Mayflower to museum this year in Plymouth, though, marks the 4/100 anniversary of the Pilgrims arrival in Plymouth Harbour. And speaking of things that swim in harbors whales, an animal rights group filed suit in an effort to prevent a Connecticut aquarium from acquiring five beluga whales from Canada for research. Friends of Animals claims that belugas would be harmed during the trip to the Mystic Aquarium. A middle school in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, has been renamed after a civil rights activist and double A C P co founder and local native Web Du Bois, the Berkshire Hills Regional School District Committee voting unanimously to change the name. From Monument Valley Regional Middle School in Great Barrington. Do boys grew up in Great Barrington, another renaming taking place in Virginia, removing the name of a Confederate general. CBS is Jim Crow Sula With this story, Lexington, Virginia City Council members, including Dennis Ares approved emotion, which will rename Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery as Oak Grove Cemetery. Confederate General Stonewall Jackson owned slaves and fought to defend that right. He was buried in the cemetery not far from the Virginia military Institute more than 150 years ago, Jim Krystle CBS News, and it's last call at yet another back babe are after 17 years on Boylston Street. The Irish pub. Lear is making one final Pour the Lear joins two of its neighbors, the Poor House and McGreevey's, which closed during the Corona virus pandemic..

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