Congress, Alfred Murray Br Building, Timothy Mcveigh discussed on Glenn Beck



We talked to yesterday, the country is not as divided as we think it is. You're the people that you live around are not as divided. It's it's congress. The the parties are far more polarized than the American people. They're just kicking people out that have common sense, for instance. Does this sound like common sense this sound like something a mainstream party would say? Right now. We need to change the dialogue and find a balance in US domestic terrorism strategy. So far. Wow. So far. There is nobody paying attention to the links of the trend of anti-government activism to Timothy McVeigh. And the bombing of the Alfred Murray Br building in Oklahoma that event served as a touchstone for over two decades. And it is it is making a height a cottage industry industry with right wing hate. That's why. That's why Bernie a Benny Thompson. The Representative from Mississippi who is now in charge of homeland security is going to have hearings as soon as congress comes back in because we really need to look at terrorism. And it's not the terrorism of nine eleven it's not the terrorism of of Al Qaeda, but it is the terrorism posed by right wing extremists. This is what they're going to use their power for investigating the president and calling every right winner a terrorist. That's that's what the Democrats are gonna do with their their news. This is terrifying. This is terrifying. They're going to start looking at anything that they deem as a conspiracy theory. Anything that they deem as a right wing hate. And they're gonna start looking at those speech, and those who are perpetrating this and who's going to be called. Who's gonna be called for the hearings? It's going to be interesting.

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