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Two, three, raise manager Kevin Cash talked about game one not discouraging disappointing. Yeah we bounce right back like we've we've done multiple times this year and look to find a way to win a game tomorrow we got Blake on the mound, which is very, very encouraging. So No, we'll. We'll be good cash talk about Clayton Kershaw and the difficulty facing. Kershaw was on that a pretty good breaking ball gone really short and I think there's some deception involving you can appreciate and totally see why he's head into the hall of fame one day whenever he's done but I mean, he had good stuff philo seemed like it was popping out of his hand. Pretty good. Really did a nice job against us and he talked about starting pitcher tyler now. Well, just you know I, think it was alternately kind of lack strike throwing right there I looked up at one point I think he was you know thirty seven strikes, thirty seven balls that's not ideal. especially gets offense like this can really capitalize on on the free passes. Gabe Roberts talked about mookie Betts it's great and that's just another element that Mukhi brings. You know he does a lot of studying and to be able to create stress and whether it's stealing a base or just being on base to make the pitcher speed up or not execute a pitch he creates tension and each is a heck of a ball player. Roberts talked about cody bellinger of course, is now playing alonside mookie Betts you look at just sheer talent. There are a couple of the best players in all of baseball and now you take mookie who's really impacted us. Obviously we talked so much about in so many ways on both sides of the baseball as well as on the basis in cody just made another great play tonight defensively the homer couple nights ago and just taking really good at Bat. So yeah. is going to get the best of everybody, but now you know you layer in. Cody and you know the experience that he's had in the postseason to learning from that, and if he can bucket corey in that same in that same conversation, cody bellinger talked about game one that's always important in any series. Especially, the world series we did a great job of singing to our plan. It was just it was a great game overall and we gotta coming tomorrow and and and do the same thing over again and continue how fun and grind a and play as a team. Clayton Kershaw I talked about his performance in game one on sportscenter. Is a great great game tonight all the way around for us You know it didn't feel if didn't feel different other than being not in our home ballpark or being on the road or anything like that. But you know like you said I've gotten to do this before and the last couple haven't gone so well for me. So fortunate to get out there and game one and get another chance at it and You know we pulled out a win tonight and our guys played awesome. We're excited comebacks March I'd do it again. Talk about the dodgers belly obviously will with big hits jt obviously what does what he does monce Jog all the way down. It's just See the I didn't even say seger. So it's just like it's just a special team. We'll be wall fall sportscenter interview with great mookie Betts later in the podcast a couple of other notes Major League, baseball owners owners ownership. Committee. Approve The New York mets sale to Steve Cohen We're waiting word from the owners to take a formal vote to push that ahead but Steve Cone now in fully and position to take over the mets and a sad note former major league baseball umpire derryl cousins has passed away at age seventy four. His brother said after a bout with cancer..

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