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Because there's going to be more to offer well, so it could. And yet, here's why, I think maybe not. Agree. Thing is, is this article points out? This is a drop in the bucket for Amazon. Yeah, I know. Point out what million dollars is nothing to them? So even if you think of it is kind of Ah, lost leader principal there. There have been so successful with Amazon Prime. I don't know it might go off. I mean, it has gone up. It wasn't no 1 99 121 $129. I mean, it may go up a little bit, but I don't think it needs to go up. To be profitable. It's just another entree into you know, Amazon's, you know, universe and that that can be seen as a plus one of the hears. This is an on the fun side of this. The speculation is so why is Amazon doing this? Well, you know, when, when Jeff Basil saved Washington post by buying it out because it was losing money. It was in the red. There are a lot of people have said how Lucia Jeff Bezos is the savior of the Wall Street. I Mean of Washington Post and journalism in general, but there are other, more cynical people saying No, no, no, no, no. He's buying The Washington Post to earn himself some good press in effect, and I think there's the truth is somewhere in between. But so far what he's managed Tolo resurrect with the Washington Post. Something has been nothing but great. I mean, I think it's really been great for journalism, but it does. It does make you wonder. Well, now there's a suggestion that there might be an ulterior motive. For him. Purchasing MGM and Stephen Colbert is the one that raises the issue. Bezos really wants MGM because he's dropping that nine billion on it, even though insiders believe the studio is only worth about $5 billion. Jeff That's way too much. Didn't you check on the right hand side of the product page you could have bought it used from other sellers. So why would one of the world's richest men pay almost twice the value for a struggling movie studio that recently went bankrupt? Well, it could be the Jeff Bezos has an ongoing feud with the former president Ganga's con. Guess what All these out takes from. The apprentice are owned by MGM Holy mother of DVD extras. The private footage of a TV billionaire Is gonna belong to an actual billionaire. What do you think of that theory again? It's a great joke. I'm sure that that that wasn't a serious factor. But if you are conspiratorially minded, or if you really take the personal battles between bases and Trump You know seriously, is it that would be motivation for either of those men because they have plenty of other reasons to do what they do. I think it's a It's a clever kind of suspicion, and whether those things they're really available and really do exist. It could put to bed the rumors once and for all if they release them, and Trump never said any such thing. Well, you got to figure Amazons worth $2 Trillion. Okay s so if he really wanted access to this information, I have a feeling he could have maneuvered his way in to get it. But without having to buy the company. You know, I could. Somehow I think he could have done something somewhere with a little bit of cash and got his hands on those things. You know, You are so right. But this is the perfect cover story. It is it is. I like I like the way way. Sherry. That's good. Then you found this other article again. This is the media and marketing column in the Wall Street Journal. How TV networks have just in effect. To me. This feels like they're thrown in the towel TV is that we can't compete with these limited serious and he's really high concept ideas that air dominating the Emmys right now, you know, from Handmaid's tale. The Queen's gambit. All these kinds of things is networks have just decided. You know we can't compete. So what we're doing instead is we're going to go for more franchises and more re boots on what the things they mentioned. This is what is obvious, everybody. I mean, you know, the C s. I start out is this was one show and now it's got C s I Miami? Yes. I New Orleans and C s. I now hold Hawaii and all these kinds of things. They just keep doing law and order has, you know every division imaginable? They're just basically the same show on the same format with just different different actors and sometimes different geographical setups they talked about. They're gonna be three FBI shows on CBS, FBI, FBI, International and FBI Most wanted and what a shame that is, And they say, CBS. NBC is doing the same thing One night. They've got this. The SYRIZA Chicago Med, Chicago Fire Chicago PD. It's like, Oh, my God, it is they've not given up. He's okay. We are. Lane is formula formulaic. We deliver what we promised. We don't promise much, but at least you can get what you want, because God knows we cannot compete with a really imaginative Top tier talent that's happening on all the you know the streaming networks. Yeah, and the one that I found most fascinating Tom and you can you can relate or or not in terms of you. Being a critic was the fact that they're pitching Ah, version of one day at a time that Bonnie Franklin gem that was on the seventies, and they're doing it with a Hispanic single mom and the guy was saying, You know if they didn't have a prototype for this, and they didn't they didn't call it sort of a one day at a time re boot. It would have never gotten through. That would have never been greenlit. Yes, one day at a time. So good debate, E. I guess we could ask that question about all of these, But I think how how low can you go? I mean, yes. And are there any shows right now? That will be re boot worthy, Say in 20 years from now. Well, what you need to establish, is you need to establish a bottom line. If there was like, right now, there are called hits. As long as you've got an X amount of you know, people that like a remake, you know, so the show might have been a crappy show. But if enough people remember. Oh, yeah, I remember. I remember when I was 10 and I love that show they will remake that show and they'll be that nostalgia. Reboot system like they did Ah, lost in space, which is on when I was a kid, you know, 150 years ago, they tried to reboot that that what they try to do is they try to find something that people have a memory of. It needn't be the height of it. It's just nostalgia for nostalgia's sake. And that's Yeah. They talk about rebooting Kate in alley, You know, I mean, is that really something that's worthy of Ah, rebooting to me. It's just a As they mentioned. Yeah, well, we realize that the top talent you are not gonna want it if you're if you think of yourself as a writer for TV, although it may be a steady job, you probably not your knees. Yes, I want to be the next wonder to write the law and order SUV. Uh, version BU version. It's like it's not gonna track attract top talent. But there is if there's a market You know, and you can get paid by for writing. Maybe they'll some of it. It's one of the disappointing things about life. But I mean about what we see on the screen from the networks, But I've got to tell you having lived. I remember when I was first, starting out as a critic, you know, like 40 years ago. There was no contest movies or infinitely better than TV..

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