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Night only thank you yeah Broncos falcon hall of fame for stringers gonna watch it anyway absolutely radiant football for crying out I'm not a big CFL double header you know it's a slow night I can't wait for Canadian full who's your favorite CFL player of all time is a water fall Doug Flutie dog for four years I got five time MVP up there he's one of the greatest CFL player in history he's in the hall of fame up there of course start with the BC lions he was playing for the Calgary Stampeders Toronto Argonauts yeah then he came back to the NFL briefly I know how much you appreciate the AFL and the bonnet Connie passes away today I know you've followed his career throughout the American Football League to me you know like you said it's like a long lost girlfriend that's the way I pine about it I I thought that was just the greatest league in the world very innovative nibbana cutting this little undersized guy had a Notre Dame thirteenth round pick in the NFL the NFL did whatever they do with them then he has a spectacular career with the Boston patriots remember they'd come in and play the bills and he's one of those guys I hated the patriots you know I hated the chance but I respected him so much as much as Joe Namath who was the standard bearer of the leak Hey my father lower teammates side now there has to be right sixty eight my father always there from sixty to seventy so they were and you know I feel about her father in law two and it's that he goes to law school after his career's over any becomes an agent Nick did and then you know a little controversial right I think is a focus spokesman for the tobacco industry but you know he would name it was the the CEO of maybe of school like lever one of the tobacco companies I thought yeah anyway here are fabulous as president of the United States tobacco company during the late seventies and early eighties took a lot of heat any adult or self well he was on sixty minutes and everything else was big investigation but then the C. T. E. in the Alzheimer's and everything else I mean he just died a horrible death in who was it was in any sixty they just a documentary on next higher it was so hard to watch but it was great at the same time and I just love the respected him so much in the seventy two dolphins everybody called them so arrogant everything else that is something to celebrate every single year and root against every other team for a hundred years the perfect season it's never gonna happen again ever so I loved all that all my heroes are dying and fortunately it well that's a pleasant thought you know it's just Hey I could tell you of Joe Namath goes Sir I'm not coming in what I or why and we're not expecting that are we any shows in good health I'm not breaking any news here he's really healthy everything's good have you seen Peyton's places yet spectacular did you see the Joe Namath won him more they're playing pool okay so a little bit of it I love the one of the Chris Carter breeze way up on this a skyscraper in three tries throw ball down to cry harder can't catch it a city with Jim Brown with Jay Leno I mean Peyton manning is so natural he's so good it gets so much out of these people whoever came up with that idea it's it's a spectacular Sabrina what's on ESPN plus right in it and they do a little vignettes on ESPN the flagship store I have to believe that at some point he'll run a football franchise that's what I've always thought his destiny was we quit plan go to Tennessee like do you think I don't know maybe you're right I don't know how to see yeah could I see him doing more than it is great as he is is a broadcaster and as a personality and I love that he picked this is his first vehicle in television and didn't go to a booth or a studio I mean because he's been coveted by everybody I had mixed emotions about him going to Monday Night Football that really would help the whole Disney family tacular but I think he would be wasting his talent just doing that in the booth this is so good the way he interacts I mean he's he's just something yes is fantastic for sure we saw the big guy brawl last I did yeah I did it was great show that today at all you can build were instead we're on it I got to my dad yes we've right the middle a little exactly when it happened what time was in the ninth inning pirates Reds those teams hate each other the managers hate each other they had a day game today Clint hurled now he's kind of a red but so what happened today so today they had a day game and they're exchanging line of Kerr is a bell and Clint hurdle TS and they shake hands with the umpire and they just ignore each other and walk away that's awesome but you know what even most brawls because most of them are no hitters it's just yeah jumping up and down hold me back called me back there are a couple of punches but there were some violent Mrs made it look better than it really was or worst depending on your do you know that there were there I believe there were some guys getting thrown at today again the words are several players it got hit today yeah there were I got I think one of them looked intentional but they were they were they're all intentional and you know the the umpires knew it was coming in you have to get out of the way the next day because that's an unwritten code that drives me insane the worst injury I can recall from a bench clearing brawl one Dave rose from the Detroit tiger while they wait reach went into a pile kind of off of foot first arms like kung foo and wrecked his knee had never played again do you know that Kirk Gibson and Dave rose to have something in common they both played football and baseball no they they marry twins really yeah who did this we mean there in Edinburgh is the same set of twins yes sisters and they a twin and you can marry somebody else could marry a twin that we let the married twins you don't think he's talking about women that are you know I'm a journalist okay their sisters okay but here's the thing can keep going I think they met the sisters twins convention in Minnesota no they met at a Minnesota these are the ones that they at at a gentleman's establishment they were all shot yeah shocking yes so there there's a still man one of the beds I care by the I don't remember who it is I think one of these walks down many yeah I got six kids with there's still a poll in the kitchen that's good Hey mom what are you doing yeah that was right on the on the right not to answer the watcher CFL rerun no we got plenty we got comes we get a deadline stuff you think cubs finally won a game in Saint Louis tonight no the couple had we we so I don't think so question yesterday what do you think the cubs will do in the Saint Louis series are and the majority of it was either gonna win two out of three my car's there were five hundred in July right yeah I looking to be in five hundred in August again that vision with Hey by the way northwestern football Ryan field you can catch it this fall when the Wildcats led by big ten coach of the year Pat fitz Gerald okay they host Ohio.

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