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From Kobe mural dot com, sees a deeper personal meaning and Bryant's legacy. His legacy to me is two fold at a very high level. It's obviously him is a champion. And what he did for the city and for Lakers fans across the world and as a diehard Laker fan. I'm grateful for that forever, but his legacy more so I think today than ever is his work ethic and his mentality. And the thing that has stuck with me during this entire process. Just talking to fans and artists is it doesn't matter what you do who you are. Doesn't matter. You could imply what this man did in his life. The way he worked How early he got up. How he pushed through during those days when you didn't want to work this hard That applies to everybody, every ethnicity, every background, So for me personally, that's the thing that always stick out for me is as his true legacy. There's a common theme and how people see Bryant's legacy. Black Mamba. Man of conviction. A loving husband, a devoted father, a citizen who gave back who helped an inspired his community. Even though, is another country's a man who was driven to success but not at the cost of his family. The one legacy Bryant leaves for everyone is the Mamba mentality, a constant quest to be the best version of oneself off of you. Always Kobe. Death and life of Kobe Bryant is a production of the K F i news department for I Heart Media. Los Angeles. Robin Bertolucci, program director Chris Little News director, executive producer Steve Gregory, with producers Jacob Gonzalez and Eric's car..

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