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So don't make the mistake take advantage tote dakota uk so or download the official toda and if you want further proof. The biggest place park dividend came on the saturday with a toe. Plus dividend of five thousand. Three hundred and seventy three pounds and ninety four pence simon halt. How much. I would have loved to have cracked that place spot. But unfortunately i did. Not the king george guitar steaks. On the friday was the feature race and suissa's wasser. Gimme the transitionally summit. No shock just as a But very impressive maybe was on the right side of the course hosted races featured boy disappointing run from battle. The dragon symbol ramwell gloss. Civilised came back this Run of the season she started late. Law season ran second bad in this race laws forbidding on to the bigger races in the autumn but she was incredibly impressive in a she. She didn't really get involved in the commonwealth cup. Full handed to at royal ascot With very good in the season frogs. And we'll just see if it was a fluke. Oh not a. I know. She's very hardly Regarded by china front row and it was a big for. Would that was ever since phones. Of course ed would ask and this was ever easy five and she did look all about spady though she'd wanted. Sean t six season which is a very sick bill. At most the way said a performance straggling symbol. And i you mentioned that. She wants to have severe of a five phones with him. Sh maybe a slightly stiffer five When he won over five every season it was at hamilton which is a very stiff five. But he didn't really have any also to to sways and she's lot erased. She's any head to stalls so united she's gonna be hot. One debate in idea essential. Turn in the While actually give you the official line from shane. Murphy's or our listeners have already heard this but here you go She dragons symbol is going to go for the nunthorpe. The oh sorry. Sorry assignment the coolmore. Wouldn't he wouldn't bassett nunthorpe stakes. There's the he'll he'll go for the cool more wooden. Bassett nunthorpe stakes. He's then going to the curragh for the derrinstown stowed flying five group one and he was talking about how the japanese owners are desperate for him to run on our weekend so he will be heading to the predate labbe as well so he will be re matching with Soysa and he did. She was pretty adamant that had things gone right. He could have been in the winner's enclosure at but he's he's adamant that five is the trip to stay with the race. Went well enough for dragon simply seem to get a good towing jewish in the the gap appear to the right time but he was. It was kind of away from the the winner out in the middle there. And as i said earlier on i think that was a bit of an advantage. Being near the stands rail. Nothing that was born out on a number of occasions during the week so whether she slide a flat it but you had to be oppressed wash. Have she picked up in the chic. She soon had the race lung. Wants muncie and quicken. She went three lengths clear. And you have to say. She was really impressive. I know she's got a he's got a real connection with pregnant symbol because he had a hand in in buying the whole was he was picked him. He he bought them. Yeah yeah it was water right bottom with his own money. Yes what a great pick that you know. The unraced holes the beginning of the season. And he's come a very long way so that's very impressive. Just shows sheetings is a pretty good judge. I was just going to. What did you just talk at the babaoshan because seven totally Eventually de today at paul's cross the be richard. His she's done. Something happens quite often people. Get me in richard holes. How you go. We richard Editor people seem to think we look alike. We do the same job though these confusion. But i just get off. Where richard richard probably be. Could probably give me a few panels. I guess Not be wishing to the on these this holiday that he could probably give me a few pounds but what at lingfield last week. On the monday commentary condemn ashamed was there and just industry races are to hover around. Twenty one is around. Maybe listen to the post race into new a sudden press. Hell he. He's also take part in fighters inning people in photos within. They want they want a bit of him. You know because he's a champion jockey and and he's is just so willy an amenable and also he. He puts a lot of time in. I think in in promoting this for because it seems to me that he just always goes along with it in recent weeks. I've seen in jumped in the tens on sky sports racing at the behest of matt. Chapman for us. I've seen seen a meme take policy. Ni- assorted triathlon. A mini trestle indoors with a couple of other jockeys nat was a great british racing which is the slowest promoters in brittany. Were behind that. And he's taken dawson showjumping. And you know he just is doing. A great job of promoting school is is a fabulous job given. I think he's great guys low. And i think we're very lucky to add it. Were very lucky to have him. And he's great on social media as well even me richard even though he calls here richard. I'm not insulted by that name. Richard very good. And there's no rivalry or what happened. Yeah clear clearly. It didn't leave a lasting mark on you at all. Simon zero ever know leading up leading. There's no there's no blood on the floor there at all and she see you till to jim crowley about battleship decided to just feels like the right decision jurors him mean that performance of good was so far below. His best on on track really is ideal for him any okay. The grandma not an idea. But he has one wisconsin ground in the past and as they said. I think ganga's go said he's also had caught another problems over the years he owes an absolutely. Nothing is fast. This'll i've seen running in britain. I think since the asia. And i hope he has a really nice retired. I couldn't echo those words more. I did speak to a trainer yesterday though who said i can't believe they've retired and that the decision was taken very quickly. But that being said a sheikha his hand on maktoum. Who's the daughter of the late. Great hamdan-al-maktoum By the way it's fantastic that she's leading the way is the front now of shadow because she loves horseracing. And i've spoken to number of of trainers and jockeys in the uk And indeed in orleans as well she has she's come over to the uk and she's coming to ireland. She's met up with essentially everybody who shadow are connected with the trainers jockeys shaking hands with everybody obviously covert protocols blah blah blah blah. We're all sick at the stage. She she shaking hands and hugged everyone. who's involved with Which had well whether it's on the stud and breeding side of the operation or in the racing side of the operation and made it her business to do so because she loves the game. She loves racing and she's done the same here in ireland. She's come over and met trainers that Showed we'll have and Is looking at the operation because when you see them getting back in australia and essentially dispersing the way they they. Did you start to get a little bit worried boss. I think racing is in safe hans with With sheikha his a hamdun on makhtoum. She seems very very determined to continue to back the sport. And it's a little bit different to judd mont. Because they're stallion fees mean this they can just continue to operate almost automatically and angus. Gold is on the brink of of retirement. And that's going to be a huge blow. Given the fact that he's been such a massive part of the hamdan-al-maktoum shuttle operation.

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