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Forth by Republicans. It was an effort from Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert and some Arizona Republicans to try and have Vice President Mike Pence ignore electoral votes next week, The judge ruled the legal action didn't have enough standing to sue. The decision comes just days before Congress meets to certify Joe Biden's win on Wednesday. Pence pushed back against the lawsuit before the ruling. Pharmacist at a Wisconsin clinic is the main suspect in the now criminal investigation into hundreds of spoiled doses of the Corona virus vaccine. Tom Roberts says more graft in police arrested the man Thursday but did not identify him. Our brother, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said 46 year old Stephen Brandenburg was booked into jail on charges in the case. Aurora Health says the doses were intentionally left to spoil over the weekend. But no one is saying why officers are asking prosecutors File criminal damage to property and second degree recklessly endangering safety charges. Both are felonies. I'm Tom Roberts. Scientists are marveling over a well preserved Willie Rhinoceros carcass in Russia. Phil Hewlett has more. The discovery was made at a river in August as warming temperatures thought out permafrost in the Siberian region. Reuters reports a scientist, saying the remains included all of its limbs, Some organs a tusk and part of it's Willie Coat. They believe the mammal may have roamed more than 12,000 years ago, Phil Hewitt reporting and Peacock is debuting never before seen footage from the office in Time for the sitcom to arrive on the NBC streaming service. It features Jim played by John Prison, Ski and Pam, played by Jennifer Fisher. Pulling a matrix inspired prank on Dwight.

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