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Wrc plus their offense they are if you exclude pitchers second and third in baseball with the dodgers just slightly ahead of the giants in both behind the astros if you look at defensively like defensive efficiency. The dodgers have the highest defensive efficiency in the majors majors. That means they've converted. The highest percentage of balls and play into outs than the astros than the giants. But if you look at like other defensive metrics with the dodgers all over the place. And i don't know whether that's something you've noticed or whether that is just a function of how the dodgers play defense. But if you look like on baseball savant outs above average. The dodgers are at negative eleven. Which is twenty third in baseball if you look at team. Ucr for instance. The dodgers are twenty-seventh. Somehow maybe that's just because a lot of shift plays are getting thrown out entirely. I don't know if you look at like defensive. Runs saved their kind of both ninth tenth ish. The dodgers are really good defensive team or is it that they've had good pitching that has allowed field. Appalls her is it just like really hard to quantify it other than just looking at. How many calls and player that turn into out because they're shifting so constantly yeah. I don't think they're like you know top three in defensive efficiency. Good on defense. They're they're clearly worse than the last few years. I think losing. Pk hernandez helped. He was sort of the glue either at second base or whatever outfield position. He was at he would. He was seemingly good everywhere. This year has been weird at times. Like i think cory seager since he's returned as Better defensively but he was pretty awful. In the first part in gavin lux was also bad at short but they missed a good chunk of time. With cody bellinger. Not the outfield. Mookie betts as miss time. So i think that's sort of played into it. muncie maximums. He's been really get it first and second which was which is which is kind of surprising. But it's been a weird a very weird year defensively. I do think they just you know they shift very well. They get a lot of like soft contact some. It seems like sometimes that that might that might hurt them against the shift or something but I think i don't know they don't strike me as particularly excellent defensive team but they're probably maximizing what they have with the various shifts and and placement of guys.

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