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For the new york ryan go on sale at over twenty seven artist andy warhol and writer truman capote talked for dozens of hours about riding a new play in the late 1970s now those taped conversations are finally the basis of a new play called warhol capote it's at its world premiere the american repertory theater in cambridge massachusetts tony tone award winner michael mayor directs the place stitches together four conversations that were hauling capote recorded fifty years ago capote's best known for writing in cold blood and breakfast at tiffany's he died in los angeles in 1984 warhol's pop art made him worldfamous in the '60s and '70s he died in 1987 writer rob broth adapted the play using eighty hours of recordings at eight thousand pages of transcripts from warhol's audio tapes that he tracked down after reading about them in a published version of warhol's diaries of delaware city is struggling with a gun plague and his ap's my grassy report it's affecting the city's young people in my community will his name breakwown briscoe of wilmington delaware speaks from experience nearly two years ago he was shot in the back and paralysed from the waist down he was 17 years old with less than seventy two thousand residents wilmington isn't chicago baltimore detroit but wilmington is the gun violence capital of the us for shootings involving young people ages twelve to seventeen according to an associated press and usa today network analysis of gun violence archive data william rollins senior lost his son to gun violence he says there is a sense of hopelessness accepted like going to jolt for life this cept and no me gave put it in a gray i mike rossi what is the nursing college care for its students as same way nurses cared for their patience what is the focus was on keeping students not waiting announce what we something extraordinary join us and together we can make a difference chamberlain university college of nursing extraordinary care extraordinary.

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