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The swing and a high fly ball. This one could go deep right center Springer looks up goodbye back to back J, D and rent for all and it is 74 Red Sox. That was one of five homers and all for the Red Sox as they erase the blue Jay 74. That's Joe Castiglione, the call Red Sox radio network as well. Some other scores of note giants. They played it three runs in the ninth. They double up the Dodgers for 21 were Flores with the big Go ahead, two run shot. Cardinals outlast the Cubs three to intend Yadier Molina, your game winning R B. I double there, and the Rays walked it off on the Orioles. 54 was Curtis Stephen Austin Meadows two run single. Meanwhile, you're mean Mercedes took baseball by storm thanks to eight hits in his first eight at bats that broken all time record. He did have his issues with manager Tony LaRussa, Of course, not following some of the unwritten baseball rules you remember swinging at a three Oh pitch against a position player in a blowout. I think it was 15 4 at the time if memory serves, and he blasted along solo shot, he was sent back to the minors. Later in the season, he was record. Now he's decided to retire. Wow, Mercedes with an instagram post. He apologized for what he called quote, failing as a human being and not accepting some of their decisions. I'm stepping aside from baseball, indefinite, loud unquote now. Don't know what you did unclear. Obviously, what Mercedes, referring to We know about the issues with Tony LaRussa. We don't know everything that happened in that clubhouse by any stretch. He did write this under a caption. It's over. So you're talking about a 28 year old who toiled in the minors for you know, I had to look it up. I don't know how long 20 years old for a while he comes up takes the world by store He was actually hitting. It's not like his numbers weren't awful. They did tail off a bit from the hot start. But now all of a sudden to go from that to retirement in July for first place team. It's a strange, strange story. Yeah, really, really bizarre. You're right. And he was remember. He had the support two of his teammates for the way that he was playing with pizazz. And even though LaRussa reprimanded him His teammates were supporting him. So it's very bizarre that suddenly something is so unfair and baseball that is just flat out quitting. Yeah, and again, I mean, little cryptic, like Not accepting some of their decisions. Seems like a you know, kind of a poke at LaRussa. But the idea of he kind of put it on himself to with a couple of things, but failing as a human being. I mean, Honestly, when I read that I'm concerned about Mercedes right now, not just the you know, clashing of personalities. It's almost like, you know, Can we get some help for him? Is he going through something that obviously we hope is okay. But That was a little sad reading this and hopefully it's just one of those things where you're going through a rough time and you can get yourself back on track. And he can come back because 28 years old early to be walking away from the game, So let's hope everything works out with Mercedes and the White Sox or another team down the road. A couple other notes for you real quick Seattle crack and had their expansion draft. You got Callie Yarn Crow of the Predators. Selected first. They also grabbed Islanders forward Jordan Eberly Panthers goalie Chris Draeger apparently is going to be a net for them and sad news with two time national champion coach Bobby Bowden, 91 year old announced he's been diagnosed with a terminal medical condition. Yeah. All right. Thanks. Marco. Appreciate the headlines. Now The Milwaukee Bucks are celebrating their championship. Obviously got a parade going on here, and I think we hear on the D A show we we fit. Pretty good target demographic of Wisconsinites, Wisconsin urz. You know, we are a a show built around sports and food. Nobody loves their sports and food quite like Wisconsin residents. We like it Sloppy. We like it. Meat based. We like our beer. We like our cheese. These are our people. And so, with the Bucks winning this championship We have decided here on the D a show to create the buck bratwurst. Now this weekend, we're going to make these signature buck bratwursts. And we will post them to our social media channels. And so when we come up here next, we're gonna brainstorm the best way to celebrate with a bratwurst. Bucks boom. Plus, If you have any suggestions, I encourage you, the more creative the better. It is up on the phone today 55 to 1 to four CBS That's 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 or on Twitter. Let me know your creative bratwurst. I'll read them D A on CBS on Twitter, D A on CBS..

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