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Their violation of the cultural legalistic religious priority of Of Tibet with their suppression of democracy. But and Hong Kong mm other parts of China as well. They're just getting worse in terms of suppression and freedom of speech, so that Militarily, so human rights security economically. Having said all of that, But again, I go back and forth to China in the number of times, sometimes considered the most unpopular person in China. Sometimes the most unpopular American and China, which I wear with a badge of honor, because and again I had my Relationships there because we've been fighting a long time the but we have to work together on climate. We have to work together on climate. So that's why as speaker of the house, I want to make sure that we pass the budget. That actually makes them more of a powerhouse than they are now. Granted, they have no environmental protections at all whatsoever. They have no worker protections. They don't care about sustainability of their operations when it comes to mining for rare earth elements, or any kind of mineral adult whatsoever that power our phones and Power, our electric vehicles, none of that stuff, but we want to make sure that that you know it's very important to us the climate so really, who cares about all the people who are imprisoned up in the northern province of Xinjiang? Who cares? I mean, I think all the million plus people in prison there probably do. Amazing right after she just gets done calling basically the right occult. Then she's like, yes, forgive the giant that Communist Chinese party of their communism and murder. It's about the climate, though. But Kohl's Hello. I'm telling you what So this I mean, I don't even know where to start. There's so many crazy things to touch on today We were talking about the Nicki Minaj not so much the Nicki Minaj thing but forced compliance, and that's our That's our theme today. Because here you have China saber rattling in the Pacific. Right? There were reports that they had three ships off the illusion Islands. And then now they're apparently saber rattling, saying that all we could have somebody down. We could have somebody by, uh by Hawaii. We could have ships near Hawaii. If we wanted to. We could. They said that they one of their state. Uh, newspapers. Had said that they could have worship near Hawaii soon and in fact, Hawaii News now had actually reported on this, they said Chinese worships could soon show up near Hawaii and Guam, according to China's state run newspaper, the comedy Global Times. They said that they could could be on their way after the U. S. Navy challenged international waters near Beijing. Meanwhile, the White House's waiting into ball gate Took Yes, we understand that these things are happening and that people are probably still stuck in Kabul. But it's very important to us that Nicki Minaj Not say anything about her cousins. Bits in Trinidad. Would say you turn a dad's health minister. Well, yes, I agree. I agree so much. I'm going to speak to multiple press outlets about this, in fact, and then Reuters has the story. Because the U. The everybody's getting involved. I'm waiting for waiting for Rachelle Wolinski. The health minister over in Trinidad and Tobago Tobago has already said it. Yes, your testicles do not become swollen if you have the vaccine. I'm not blaming her for anything. But she should think twice about propagating information Global, But that's what he said. Who cares? Grandpa? Shut up! I don't care what you think. What some rapper puts on Twitter. Shut up! Mind your business. Pay your bills shut up. Who are you? Whose life is so pathetic and empty that they're good. You're not the boss of this woman. She said something on Twitter and yellow losing your minds. Well, I I got to weigh in here on what this rapper said. About her cousins. Male copulate. Torrey, Oregon on Trinidad is very interesting and very important to weigh in here. Shut up. The health minister of Trinidad. Weighing into this. This is so stupid. Forced compliance. I have no patience for this is where I'm like. I'm at level kick you in the neck. Fed up I had somebody asked me And if you play stupid games, I will give you a dumb prize. I promise you So dominate. Somebody asked me on social media. They blocked me. They got very mad because they said well, and I am going to play for you. This video here coming up of, um this guy who was following around this woman in target. And He was aggravating this woman in target because she wasn't wearing her mask. The man just so you know, looks like the human equivalent of a Birkenstock. And I mean, if anything would get me to believe fully without any question or reservation Darwin's theory of evolution it would be this man. Well, the Birkenstock became sentiment in Decide and sprouted two legs and turned into a bipedal. Mostly thinking being And decided to wander around in target. I gotta get into this now, because I'm done. We're going to talk about all the other stuff. This is what this is this force compliance in this force division. This guy with this little safari had this woman's in target doing her thing. She's already had the Rhona so she has natural immunity. Which apparently, this guy doesn't know what that is. He doesn't have no shopping cart. He says that he has a wife. I didn't see no wedding. If he's there with his wife first off, I love my husband, who would never do anything like this. But if he were to have a stroke while he was also a wake, and we were in a target, and he did something like this Now.

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