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Sitting around and there's getting your makeup chairs and go you don't want. You know, it'd be funny. You should be a show. We're so interesting that we should be a shell. And it's like, you think that? Nobody else dies. So the relationship that we can never confirm maybe confirmed because Katie Holmes was pictured wearing a ring on her left hand. Okay. Katie and Jamie, confirm. I mean, these two have been dating since two thousand thirteen and we've never gotten definite answers from either one of them drew votes. I don't know. But yeah, there was definitely an engagement ring on that pinger a good job of keeping their relationship out of the spotlight. Yes, gouzer show you that if you're a high profile couple, and you don't want to be in the spotlight. It's all a choice kind of. I mean, I know Kylie Jenner was never in the spotlight with her pregnancy. She vanished. Yeah. I know the poverty new follow celebrities around, and that's not their choice. But but there are ways to not be. So be secret. Yeah. Coming up in the next E ON Z. You're never going to believe what? Megan Kelly tried to pull on NBC, and I'm Ali were firing her. Yeah. That story's coming up. But I we've got Disney on ice tickets in three and a half minutes. Happy. Moaning combs. Let me see you. Colada were flaming. Maybe..

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